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French Reenactors !!

European Battalion
Recruit from: All over europe.
We have guys from British Isles; Germany; France; Czech Republic;Sweden; Belgium; Ukraine;Denmark. Also have American servicemen stationed over here.
Vic Farrer
27 Essex Drive
41179 Monchengladbach
Tel: 0049 2161 551588
The European battalion is committed to improving the Federal impression. We subsidise a newsletter known as the Unionville Times ( I would love to send this to you so please send me your snail mail address its free of charge).
Every two years we form a battalion of infantry to fight in England at the one large European wide event (something like 1000 re-enactors).

40th NY Vol. Inf'y, Co H
Olivier Delorme, +33-142-28-29-11 (UNION)

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