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1st Florida Infantry, Co. D
Capt. Brian Kepner

1st Florida, Battery B
(Mosquito County Howitzers)
Ed Sexton

1st Florida Volunteer Infantry, Co. E
Capt. Eli Chandler

2nd Florida Cavalry, Inc.
Commander: Major Roger Ragland
Adjutant: Capt. Bob McLendon
P. O. Box 12775
Gainesville, FL 32604-0775
Phone: (904) 462-4099
Alternate contact: Major Ragland
3545 LaSalle Avenue
St. Cloud, FL 34775
(407) 957-5295
We have been in existence since 1981. We pride ourselves on authenticity, in every aspect. We are an active unit, and took part in many of the 125th, 130th, and 135th anniversary events. We travel from Florida to out-of-state events several times per year.

2nd Florida Volunteer infantry, Company D,
(The Leon Rifles)
Point of contact: Chris Ellrich
Tallahassee, Fl.
(Christopher R Ellrich
Tallahassee, Fl 32312
(home) 850-668-4122
(work) 850-488-2458 ext 195
(pager) 850-551-6902
(cell phone) 850-321-0950
We recruit out of Florida, South Alabama and South Ga.

1st NY Volunteer Engineers
Contact: Vern Catron

2nd U.S. Battery
Ed Sexton
Phone: 407-299-8280

2nd USCT, Co. E.
Larry Stahl
Phone: 941-947-4951

3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery E
Brian Talbert

4th Florida Infantry, Co. I.
Terry Richardson

7th Florida Infantry Volunteers, Company K/7th Tennessee, Company K
Contact: Lt David Anthony
(727) 785-3422
We are a family-oriented unit comprised primarilly of folks living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
We portray a Confederate unit formed historically of men from the Tampa Bay area, however we are frequently called upon to "galvanize" and portray Federal Infantry in order to present a more historical combatant ratio.
In addition to our Infantry portrayal, we also have associated units and members who portray artillery (Co A, Milton Light Artillery), civilians, medical, and cavalry.

7th Florida Infantry, Company B, CSA
Contact: Captain Mike Crane
Confederate Infantry company affiliated with Hardy's Brigade and 3rd Regiment, ANV. We are a family unit, primarily from South Florida, but with some members from throughout the State of Florida.

7th Illinois Veteran Volunteers, Company C
Nat'l Henry Rifle Company
Contact: J Lacey
(850) 722-1863 This is a family oriented unit with members from AL, GA, & FL. In this unit each soldier is expected to own his own reproduction Henry. In addition to this, we also have an unit who portray the 1st Michigan Artillery.

8th Florida Co "B" Hardy's Brigade (CSA)
Capt Scott Renz
1230 Evergreen Ave South
Clearwater, Florida 34616
Phone: 813-447-1277

15th U.S. Inf, Co. A,
Capt. Brian Kepner

16th Alabama, Co. A, Army of Tennessee
Assoc:with First Confederate Division of Civil War re-enactors

Capt. Keith Willingham
Pvt. Mitch Emmons (newsletter editor & webmaster)
Muscle Shoals, Ala.
We recruit from: Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and we have a very active civilian contingent. and we do galvanize as the 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Ohio.

17th Connecticut, Co. H, Roger Statzer

19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry.
2nd LT. Neil M. Shivelle

28th Btn Ga Hvy Field Artillery, Co C
Capt. Andrew Misulia
We welcome family participation.
We are members of the 1st Confederate Division, we recruit from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

28th GA INF, Co. G/123 NY INF, Co. D
Pappy Harmon
739 Scott Circle
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: (404)634-8125
A family oriented group. We galvanize when needed. We'll try to help you get on the field quickly.

47th New York Volunteer Infantry, Co K
Cpl. Greg Kopp, 407-657-8508
97th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Pete Kannenberg
Phone: 813-596-7242

115th NY Infantry
Barton's Brigade
Don Covington
Phone: 305-791-6898

The "Mississippi Valley Brigade"

The MVB consists of over 1000 men from the Confederate Volunteer Battalion, the Tennessee Valley Battalion, the Trans-Mississippi Volunteer Battalion, and the Red River Battalion.

Persons of contact are: Brig-Gen Roger Johnson Cmdg

and Lt. Col. Wayne Beauford, AAG

The Sergeant's Guard (US Marines)
Contact: Lew Zerfas
Phone: (727) 536-6197

The Sergeant's Guard portray's a marine guard stationed on board the USS Ethan Allen. Under command of the ship's captain, the marines and the ship's sailors participate in land skirmishes as well as landing operations with a long boat.

Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 34th Regt. (Reorg.) Independent Co. C-K
Michael Kelley, Brevet Major
Phone: (228) 762-2573
We are the largest historically accurate, multiracial Confederate unit, white, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, and biracial troopers extending nationwide.


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