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1st Maryland Infantry, Co. H, C.S.A.
Capt. Lee Jones
(Affil: Southern Legion)

2nd U.S. Sharpshooters Co. D
Brendan Hanlon

5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, Company I/5th Alabama Battalion, Company A
Contact Adjutant and Captain James Mathews
1319 Baldwin Hill Rd
Gales Ferry CT 06335
(H) 860-445-6640/(860)589-6930

22nd Virginia, Co. C,
Randolph Ubben

9th Massachusetts Light Artillery
For more information Lorrie Farr
Northfield, Massachusetts 01360
(413) 498-2425

27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry,
Shawn Calahan

or Gordon Markiewics
Phone: 203-888-7663 (UNION)

55th Virginia Volunteer Regiment:Companies B, F, G, and D
Member of the 6th Battalion of the ANV
Contact Richard Rathburn
1456 Hopkins Rd.
Panton, Vermont 05491
Recruit out of An Area as far west as Lake Ontario, east to N.H.
The 55th Virginia Volunteer Regiment is currently forty members strong and we attend about two events a month through out the year as well as one ANV event a year. We attend events in Connecticut, Maine, New York, Vermont, and Canada. . We are also members of the Museum of the Confedercy.

Union Preservation Society of Connecticut
Lori Decusati

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