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1st Colorado Ind. Battery
Scott Anderson

1st Company Independent Battery
Richard Merrell
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
(303) 674-3792

1st Company Infantry, Company D
John Buschmann
Denver, Colorado 80220
(303) 321-7859

4th U. S. Arty, Battery B
Norman Hughes

5th U. S. Infantry, Company A
Earl Hockman
Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 233-5025

Thomas' North Carolina Legion
or they are called
69th North Carolina Infantry, Co. I"
Cpl. Robert Milner
Littleton, Colorado 80003
Thomas' Legion is a growing Confederate unit here in Colorado. We offer Infantry, dismounted cavalry units and soon we hope to add an artillery branch. Based out of Denver Colorado we have members from all over the state and Wyoming and Nebraska as well.

US Corps of Topographical Enginers
Don Erickson
Phone: 303-979-2213

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