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The Faces the Water Reflects!

Undoubtedly the brightest star of CRC, he is 17, a 1st year student of commerce at St Xaviers College, and the reigning National champion in the 1000m sculls, following his triumph at the 5th National games held in Imphal, Feb 99. Rishi's excellent performance in recent years led to his selection into the Indian Squad for the Junior Asian Rowing Championships held in SEOUL last year. This gritty oarsman also holds the distinction of being the only Indian to win the scull, pairs and fours event, in the same year during the Amateur Rowing Association Of the East Regatta 98. Rishi rows to win !

This tall intense 17 year old is Rishi's pairs partner and the vital engine house for the club and State Level fours team. He has also represented India for the Junior Asian Rowing Championships 98. Deep has currently gone off to study in the U.S.(Marietta College, Ohio). He'll stay there for a couple of years and we are really missing him down here. We just heard that Deep has done very well coz both his fours and eights crew were placed among the top five of the 15 teams that wrer taking part in the in the Head Of Ohio tournament.In both events Deep was rowing in the bow position. Well Done, Deep!

He has a better name but everyone loves to call him by this. Dodo is an accomplished oarsperson and technically very sound. He hates running every morning, can move the boat efficiently without slogging too hard. He is a 2nd year student of electrical engg...from Jadavpur University. He is the original "wise guy" of CRC.

The most low profile and quiet memeber of the senior fours, Vineet is a commerce graduate and is the current All India University sculls champion.Very sane and very practical ,Vineet has mastered the art of juggling his job,studies and rowing...and usually emerges a winner in most.

CRC has many more promising young rowing enthusiasts, but one name that cannot be ignored is that of the 'cox of the year'. He is a maverick and rather loony with real weird hairstyles....but he has 2 Junior National Golds.....which speaks volumes regarding the talents for innovation in this young and COOL, 15 year old high school boy. Micky LOVES to SHOCK; and MICKY LOVES TO FIGHT.

This sturdy and stylish rower rows in the stroke side and has won many races both in fours and pairs.Armed with a fluent technique, Arijit,a final year student of 'Fisheries Sciences' at Calcutta University,is a name to be reckoned with.

He is one of the seniormost rowers who has recently gained a probational membership..Although these days he concentrates on coxing and training the junior and novice crews, he has also, successfully paired up with Vineet in quite a few major regattas.After graduating as the 'Best Graduate' from Jadavpur University ,he is completing his Masters from the same.Last but not the least, Dhar loves to TALK.

The younger sibling of Rishi bears similarity with his champ brother in more ways than one.Undoubtedly the best among the youngsters,he is equally good in sculls, pairs, and fours.Shashi is the current sub junior sculls champion and will be participating in the forthcoming Junior Nationals in the Pairs event.

A bright young second year commerce student who won has several club and state tournaments and also won silver in 98 Junior nationals.

Indranil, RanjitI and RanjitII Amit,Subarna,Prince,Soumit,Arun,Rajat,
They are other young men who have won laurels for the Club and the State.

Calcutta Rowing Club can boast of producing some of the finest women rowers Bengal has today.

One of the most successful rower from CRC, is a final year commerce student who is on her way to become a computer PRO.A state level swimmer, Antara is a very stylish rower with excellent rowing acumen and a will of steel. She is an ideal 3,always giving her 200% and synchronizing as well as motivating the remaining members of the crew. She has won gold in sprint national held in Poona this year, and bronze in the 5th national games plus was silver medallist in All India University Rowing Championships both in 98 and 99.

She is the youngest, the prettiest and the toughest among all of us This multifaceted 14 year old young lady of standard IX is a Rajyapal honored Girl Guide, a serious sitarist, a budding pianist and most importantly ,an amazing rower. Determined, gutsy and powerful, she has won 2 consecutive School Regattas, has gold and silver medals from two Junior Nationals, in addition to several Club and State level trophies.

An unique name for an unique person. Vibrant, adventurous, warm, spirited and a wee bit absent-minded. Hindola is indeed a very special person and all her friends will vouch for this .A comparative newcomer into the rowing scene ,today she is one of the best both in terms of strength and style. Hardworking and honest she is one of the fittest rower's in Calcutta today .A fantastic Bow, a great human-being, and a true can only wish that she could remember things a bit more. But that really doesn't hurt much. Hindola currently a commerce undergraduate has won silver medals in Junior Nationals 98 and University rowing Championships 99.

She is as famous for her voluminous tresses as she is for her shrewd coxing. A XII th standard science student , she aspires to become a doctor in the near future. She is a good rower , and this must have contributed ina big way to her becoming such a skilled cox. She also has Junior National Gold and silver medals,and in both events she represented Bengal as a crew member in the 4s boat. Although she usually coxes the CRC ladies 4 boat but one might also find her coxing a men's boat because of her undoubted coxing skills.

A 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student, she is in fact the only female student in the whole department. Bold and disciplined Sonia has rowed for the Club many times in the past and is currently representing Jadavpur University. But due to academic pressures she has had to cut down her rowing but CRC is eagerly waiting for her holidays.

She is Sonia's younger sister who also has her board exams looming ahead and so is not rowing actively these days. But she too was a part of the Junior National Bengal Crew that won Gold and Silver in 97 and 98 respectively .The two sisters also row in pairs.

A tall,intelligent&sensitive, 18 year old, standard XII student, she won gold in this year's School Regatta in the senior category. She stroked her boat, which comprised of complete beginners, to victory, thus displaying her solid determination and her will to win. Tyllo, as she is lovingly called also won the Annual regatta this year , beating a more experienced crew.

An ace swimmer, and water-polo player she has joined rowing recently. She has represented Bengal at National level in both the mentioned sports and has won innumerable laurels at that. No prizes for guessing her strength, stamina and endurance, she has those in plenty. This dare-devil commerce undergraduate also happens to be Antara's sibling. A lot can be expected from Arpita --the rower. She has already won the Annual and Monsoon Regatta's organized by the club.

Another great young swimmer.Infact,Divya is one of the best in India in her favourite event..the back stroke.Powerful and with a lioness like killer instinct Divya is CRC's best female sculler.She won the ARAE gold as well as the subjunior national gold in the same category beating some of the very best in the game today.She has also a Junior national Gold medal(97)....indeed the Golden girl of CRC .

The meaning of her name is 'one who is unbeatable' and she does complete justice to her name.A post-graduate student in Economics at the Jadavpur University,she is the senior most and the most accomplished rower in Calcutta.She was previously a member of BRC and following the unfortunate and indefinite closure of her club she has changed over to CRC, much to our happiness.Flawless style,great mental make-up, iron will and sheer power,she has it all.National gold ,university silvers, state level wins, her record is just awesome.She was also selected for the All Indian University combined team and took part in the Hyderabad Nationals.She is an inspiration to all of us and we are really glad that she is sporting CRC colours these days.

She has also changed over to CRC after BRC's closure.A final year commerce student Rinku is University pairs partner of Aparajita.A good sculler , a stylish sweep rower and the staple coxwain of the Bengal Ladies fours.Rinku is truely a versatile rower.Her petite frame actually hides a really tough and strong-willed fighter.We are honoured to have her with us.

Well here ends the brief introductory note regarding the current oars persons of CRC who are creating headlines... That leaves me,.I am SHREYA and have been addicted to rowing for a couple of years now .I have been lucky enough to row with the likes of Aparajita, Antara, Shirsha and Hindola.They are great team mates and solid friends ,which makes this sport and the Club the closest thing to my heart.

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