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Welcome To The CCC Page!

NEW! The List of Rules: Guidelines for men.
Also NEW! A Special Chalky Chicks Photo Album! (note: under construction)

Hello and Good Morning! Our kooky minds, following an idea originally developed by the PMC (Poorman Clan ), decided to make the CCC. For the full (but brief) history of how this came about, see our origin , but basically, we had a group and decided that we needed a name for ourselves (other than "the five of us"). A clan seemed logical. Right? Okay then. If you'll kindly look to the left side of your screen, you'll see a few links. Our Mental Institution is a place to chat and post messages. You need to quickly sign up as a member and then you can come talk with us, if you understand Delphi, which most of us don't. Click on Current News to see what's going on with us for the next couple months. You can find out about all five of us by clicking on our bios page. Our List of Kinkiness is just what it implies! Developed from Northern Excursion '98! And don't forget to stop in and read our zany writings in Bouncing Off The Walls !