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  If your around people that you think may bitch at you for dippin' or bother you about what the hell your doin', holdin' in your hand, and puttin your mouth to, you need something that won't clue people into it.  I suggest empty snapple ice tea bottles, and if possible leave a little bit of iced tea in the bottom.  No one will question it, and unless they're grubby bastards, they wont ask you for any. Sent in by Bada$$ over the net


One Can At A Time. Make sure that you don't open more than one can at a time. I am extremely guilty of this and in result I end up with a lot of dry chew that I find laying under the seat of my car, or in the basement by the washing machine. I guess the only tip I can give you on this is to know where your tin is at all times. It is your life source.


Move 'em around. No matter how much you hate it, learn to dip in more than just your main spot. Most dippers place their phatty about a half inch to the right or left of the center of their bottom teeth. After a year or so of dipping in the same spot you will notice that you get sores, and have a lower gum line than you used to. Learn to dip in your upper lip, and back by your moellers. I usually dip by my back teeth now because of he damage I have recieved from years of dipping in the same spot. Also, try to remember to alternate sides of your mouth when you dip or chew. This helps in the healing process.


Learn how NOT to salivate. I can't really explain how to do this. It's just something I taught myself so that when I go into a store with a dip in my mouth doesn't fill up with chew spit. That can be a pretty shitty thing when you have to answer a clerk's question about a shoe size or something to do with why your credit card won't go through. I have this art down to a form. In fact, I can sleep for a couple hours without spitting or having to swallow. Pretty nifty eh?


Learn how to spit out of a moving vehicle. Alot of dippers I've seen aren't very good at this. They either spit, and get it all back in their face, or it coats the side of the car. Producing the non-factory issued "Texas Pin Striping." Aim for the front corner of the window, get your face close to the window, and give it one good straight stream of spit. This may sound petty, but when your riding in your mom's brand new car, or getting a ride home from someone you barely know, this is a polite thing to know how to do.


Learn how to eat and drink while dipping. Learning to drink while dipping is quite simple actually. Just tighten your lip over your dip and let the beer, pop, water, etc. go over your lip and you'lle have it down. Eating is another story. All I can really say about this is that it's like juggling. You have to make sure that the two items (Dip and Food) are in their own respective areas of your mouth. You have to teach your dip to share with the second most important thing to you, your food.


Learn to hide your dip. Now I know that most of us like to show of the fat chew that we've got in our mouth, but there is good reason to learn this little trick. Alot of employers don't allow tobacco usage in most areas of the work place, so learning to hide your dip is essential to your continued employment. Another place that most people have to hide their dip at is school. Even colleges these days are going tobacco free. So unless you can go for 5 or 6 hours without a chew, it might be a good idea to learn this one. First of all, you have to hide your can. This is done most easily by putting the can in your sock under your pants.(Thanks to Keith for this one) The best way that I've found to hide your dip in your mouth is to pack it back by your moellers, on both sides so everything looks right. And the second way that I do it is to put tiny dips in all the way around the bottom lip. The easiest way I can explain what I'm talking about is to show you a picture. So Click HERE.


Learn to put in a chew one handed. The easiest way to put a dip in is of course by pulling your lip down and placing the chew where you want it. But sometimes the use of two hands isn't possible. (Driving, Screwing, holding a beer can) The best way to learn this trick is to open your mouth and stick your lip out as far as you can. Then, press the dip down into your lip following with your tounge to clear up any loosies. A really fast way that I put a dip in is to put the dip right on the top of my tounge, then maneuver the dip into place with it. This can get messy without a lot of practice.


Stop Back Again. Keep visiting this page because all the time dippers are sending me new tricks they've learned and decided to share with the rest of the smokeless tobacco community. After all we are a select group. Most people hate the habit that we love. So we must stick together. And what better place to commune than at "The Skoal Page of the Ages"??