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My Favorite Links

Karen's Page


Perry High School Band ~ Best of The Best

Steve Ford's Site

Habbitat for Humanity

My identicle twin brother Donnie Hall

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Mtv-The next best thing

Virtual Florist-Send some flowers to your friends virtualy anywhere! And the best part is they are for FREE!

UBL-This is a great place to get the web sites of all the bands!

VH1's Music site!

Murphy In The Morning
If you are in the Pedmont Triad area or in North Carolina, come and liston to 107.5FM and check out there web site. They get you going in the morning with Murphy and with Terrie Knight in the afternoon. Visit 107.5 Web site for more pictures and info.

Roy D. Mercer Roy D. Mercer: A Redneck who phones people up and threatens to whoop their ass. Funny stuff... If you happen to live in Tulsa, Oklahoma you should listen to KMOD radio to hear him live. Otherwise, check out the audio files.

Meh.  It's a way of

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