Bertolucci Besieged - Synopsis
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The Story

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An old house, a man, a woman and a piano. And through the window, a glimpse of a stormy springtime at the end of the century.

An old house in the centre of Rome - a refuge for two lonely people. He's English, middle-aged, withdrawn, eccentric, while she's young African woman in her early 20's, burdened with worries about the past yet full of hope for the future.

Kinsky (David Thewlis) hides behind his piano, with music as his only companion: Bach, Mozart, Grieg. Shandurai (Thandie Newton) comes from far away, and finds refuge in Kinsky's house - which she cleans in exchange for a room while she studies to be a doctor. their lives interlink in a game of attractions and refusals, of secrets and allusions, appearance and truth, doubt and certainty.