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Ben's Little Unknown World


Hi. If you find any broken links, think of anything I left out, have any good links, a have any kind of question in general, or just want me to review a game for any Nintendo System then just E-mail me. If you have enough time please enter your E-mail address in the List Bot box below. If you do I will send you a weekly letter of all the new Nintendo information. If you are a N64 diehard I have the perfect club for you, My N64 Regime. Just go to the link below to join. Also please sign my guest book below and if you leave your comments there you can give me an opinion of my site, and tell me what to change. Please visit weekly. I usually work on my site a lot during the weekends.

My Pages

Page Name and link to itLatest Update Description of Page
Nintendo Release Page 7/25This page contains all the release dates you can digest.
News Page Updated DailyAll the Nintendo news you could ever want. Updated daily.
Links Page 1/28This page contains links to N64, Nintendo system, downloads, music, movies, friends pages and much more.
My Reviews 1/28In depth reviews of games. Links. Pictures. And strategies on request by E-mail.
My Awards Pages:1/28 My top five in each category. Based on votes received from my survey page, my opinion, and E- mail.
Movies PageUpdated Every FridayA whole web site dedicated to movies. A friend and I have constructed this site. Full movie reviews. Very cool.
Games of the Week.1/28Updated Weekly. My favorite games of the week. These games rated by my personal opinion. Short description of games.
Survey1/28Help my site. Vote here and help my site out. A simple series of questions. Should only take about 30 seconds to fill out.
Codes Page1/28Brand new codes. This page is updated bi-monthly. Codes for the top Nintendo Games.
Awards I've Won 1/28All the awards I've won for my web site. Links to sites that give out awards.
Adds1/28 All my adds to sites that sponser and help me.
Info about me3/20All the info you need about me. Includes all the games I own. And my favorite games
The N64 Regime Updated dailyMy N64 club. Insider info's reviews and so much more. Go to it to join and for more info. Its the best club on the net.
RAINBOW SIX 1/28The best computer game ever. Come see my complete review of this awesome game. And now it will soon be coming to the N64.
ELF CLANUpdated daily ELF is my ELITE internet clan. If you would like to know more, would like to join, or are just looking for a cool page to browse, then, please visit this site.

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Thank-you all for visiting my page. I hope you have a great time exploring it. Also I would like to thank,, The N64 Pad,, and for filling me in with great info!!! Guaranteed visitors to your web site!