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What Do you See Sister..?

What do you see sister,

what do you see

What are you thinking when

you are looking at me-

An annoying child,

someone who whines and cries

Or do you see me as someone

who's not very wise

Do you find me stubborn,

and moody too

When I borrow your things

like a hat or a shoe

Do you see me as lazy,

doing nothing all day

Or an immature child,

always wanting her way

Is that what you're thinking?

Is that what you see?

Then open your eyes sister,

and see the real me!

I'll tell you who I am if you care to hear,

I'm not always the person who shouts in your ear

I'm a girl of fourteen,

ready and strong

I can be caring and friendly

all day long

I'm smart, independent, and beginning to grow

These are some of the things I wanted you to know!

Well, that's my poem as you can see.. I know it ain't that good.. but leave me alone about it.. it's the first poem I've ever written..