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~My Petz~

Presenting... dum dum dum dum! My PETZ! *claps and cheerz*

So.. you've come to hear about my petz huh..? Well .. I dunno if yer in fer a treat or not.. if yer a pet luver than you are.. if not.. then you aren't..

First off, I'll start with my doggy.. *grynz* He's a Golden Retriver... His name is Riker, I bet you guys are thinkin'.. 'what the hell kinda name is that..?' Well.. I know how ya feel.. I didn't name him... just to get that out in the open.. my mom and dad decided on his name.. mostly my mom cause she was obsessed with Star Trek at the time... I hate his name.. anywayz.. on to more things about my doggy.. he's four years old.. so in doggy years he's 28.. geez.. what an old fart.. j/k.. He's a really friendly dog.. he's always playful.. espically when he comes out of the lake and is wet and smelly... *rollz eyez* Not that it matters to most of you pplz.. but if you come near my dog.. plug yer nose.. wheewwww... he stinks.and if you pet him while he's wet and stinky.. don't smell yer hands.. just go wash them imediatley.. anywayz.. now on to my kittiez.. *grynz*

My kittiez.. I have two of them.. they're both Tabbies.. I might scan picz of my petz in the near future.. I bet yer happie now.. ;) Anywayz.. the first cat I got is a female.. her name is Mia.. and she's just about a year old. I got her from my friend up near my cottage. His cat had four kittenz.. they were cute.. but aren't they all when they're little..? We named her Mia after Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.. *grynz* My sister really picked out that name.. she named her and it wasn't even her cat.. but now she has her own.. and his name is Ferguson.. eewww.. anywayz.. Mia is really crabby.. and she doesn't like ppl she doesn't know.. and ppl who are mean to her.. not mentioning any names.. she doesn't really like to be picked up either.. but can ya blame her.. I wouldn't want to be picked up every two seconds of my life.. she likes to sit in window sills.. mainly mine.. *grynz* I'm special.. but most of the time she sleepz or eatz.. she's gettin' quite fat too.. I know it'z mean to talk about yer own pet that way but it's really really true.. when we got her she was so tiny and cute.. but now.. whoa! Blimp Much! Anywayz.. on to the last kitty..

Our newest edition to the family is another kitty.. this time it's a boi.. he's a real cute kitty.. he's kinda getting fat already too.. geez and he's just a baby.. His name is Bailie.. I know I know.. we name our petz weird names.. but I didn't name him either! My mom named him Bailie cause we got him up at my cottage too.. from my friends, friend.. The reason we called him Bailie is cause out cottage is in Bailieboro.. I think it's a dumb name.. so I call him Poogey.. my mom hates it when I do too, and I think he's starting to think that's his name.. oops.. Anywayz.. he's a Tabbie too, just like Mia.. but he's only 3 months old. He's not really like her personality wise.. he's more playful and friendly.. but I guess he's that way cause he's just a baby.. He used to sleep in my room until my brat of a brother Spencer came and stole him.. ah well I don't really mind.. he comes to me whenever I call him and nobody else.. *proud smile* I'm special again.. hee hee.. lucky me.. anywayz.. that's all I can think of ta tell you about my petz.. I'll try ta get sum pictures of them up.. so beeee patient..

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