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So.. you've made it to my house of cray-zee-ness eh..? Well... yer in a fer a cray-zee treat..

So... I bet yer wondering a little bit about why this is my house of cray-zee-ness right..? I would if I stumbled about this thing.. anywayz.. I called it MY house of cray-zee-ness cause most ppl think I'm a cray-zee person.. I do things in my own little weird way.. almost all of the time. I'm not sayin' I'm cray-zee lookin'.. well maybe without my mask.. j/k Just the way I am.. I've been labelled as many things related to cray-zee things.. like a psycho.. that's only one example.. ;) But in some wayz I'm a normal teenaged grrl.. ;) But in other wayz I'm just really misunderstood.. isn't that weird..? ME.. Ashlee.. misunderstood.. geez.. .. well I'll stop blabbing about stuff like that now and go into some more blabbing about myself..

Well.. lets see.. I live in Scarborough.. that's in Ontario which is in Canada.. I have two brothers.. one of them is Spencer, he's a little 7 year old brat, but aren't they all..? As for you ppl with no siblings.. ~*beep beep beep*~ Anywayz.. ~*takes a breath*~ Wheew.. well where was I..? Oh yes.. my..~*grumble*~ Siblings.. my other brother is Thomas.. he's one of the coolest guys.. he's the only sibling I can stand.. he's 21.. I think.. don't think I'm a bad sister for not knowing these things.. he's so much older and I'm starting to loose my brain already.. I think I got that from my mom.. gee. thanx mom.. grr.. Sorry 'bout that.. I got a little side tracked.. back to my siblings.. their is one more in our family.. sad to say.. she's my sister.. we don't get along.. she's 24, she moved out! YEAH! ~*happie dance*~ She's gettin' married.. oohh.. I don't know how, but lets not get into things like that.... Now we can move on to some other things.. hrmm.. what can I talk about... hrmm... Oh yes.. the most important one of the family.. my cat.. .know I'm kiddin'.. I'll blab about me now.. the moment you've all been waiting for!! So sit back.. relax.. kick yer feet up.. ~*puts her feet on the comp desk*~ Whoa.. it's really hard to type like this.. ouch.. ~*putz her feet down again*~ Okay.. on to me!

Okay.. on to meeeee!! ~*gigglez and grynz*~ hee hee... HEY! Where's my spot light? Aww.. pooh.. I guess I used up all me spotlight time before.. damn.. ~*poutz*~.. well I'll tell ya a little about myself.. here it goes.. I'm a girl.. isn't that interesting! What a good page eh..? ~*claps her hands*~ Naw... I'm just kiddin' ya.. it ain't over yet.. I bet I got ya thinking.. 'thank gawd she's finished blabbing..' Well nah nah.. I'm not done! Oglay... here it goes.. I'm a 14 year old chick in grade 10.. my berfday is in December.. that kinda sucks cause I have to wait so long fer my berfday.. everyone is almost a year older than me.. doesn't that byte..? I thought so myself.. anywayz.. my befday is December 16, so write it down and get me a present.. I like CD gift certificates and money.. ~*BIG gryn*~ I have dirty blond hair.. no I don't mean it's dirty and gross it's blond, but it's turning brown.. my eyes are blue and green.. sometimes more of one colour than the other.. but hey.. I told ya I'm cray-zee.. I'm about 5'4 although some ppl would argue with that... not mentioning any names.. That's my general stats.. Now.. On to some other things.. MY HOBBIES!! They aren't really that scary.. I promise..

- I take dance lessons at FMC dance studio.. my dad says it stands for Friggin' Money Cave cause it's purrdy expensive.. but it's fun! :) I take a semi-private class with my bestfriend Jessyka.. our teacher's name is Arpad.. now that's weird..

-I like to hang out with my friends and talk on the phone.. I used to be a super-talk on the phone person, but not really anymore.. I've found .. ~*gasp*~ Other things to do... weeeiiiirrrddddd...

-I enjoy playing sportz.. I really like playing basketball with my brother and rollerblading with friends.. ..only cause I'm a super *.. just kiddin'..when I'm at my cottage I like waterskiing and swimming.. but we close the cottage in October.. so no more of that for me.. ~*poutz*~

-At times I enjoy skool.. I don't mind it cause (a) my friends are there.. (b) The hottest teacher in the world is my science teacher .. and (c) because it can be fun.. I know it seems weird that that's coming out of my mouth but I have to admit.. it's true at times..

-I enjoy going to the mall with friends.. not always buying something.. but I like to buy some stuff, mostly CD's and clothes.. I'm not really a shoe shopping person.. and little things like that.. I hate sitting and trying shoes on.. it gets soooo boring..

-I luv listening to music, I like almost everything.. except metal and rap and country.. I must admit I do like Leanna Rhimes though.. she's good.. and I like Garth Brooks.. ~*blushes & grynz*~I taped him when he was live in New York.. I don't really have a favourite group or song.. I can't just stick to one thing..

-My absoloute favourite thing to do is laugh at ppl.. not really in a mean way.. just dumb things they do make me laugh.. and I make them laugh too.. half the time I'm laughing at myself.. ~*blush*~ Once when I was at Jessyka's house and I fell down the stairs.. not all of them though.. only the last 5 or 6.. ~*LOL*~ Jess and I were pissing ourselves with laughter.. (Not literally pissing ourselves)

That's some of the main points about me so far.. can't really think of anymore at the moment.. I prolly will layter though.. As you can prolly tell I'm not really much of a poem writer, I'm sure you can see this cause I don't have links to a million poems all over my page.. I have written one poem though.. it's kinda crusty (crappy), but that's life.. if ya wanna read it you have to swear to these things..

No laughing, no saying to yourself, 'that poem sucks', you can't copying it.. but I'm sure you wouldn't want to anywayz... and that's about it..

Here's the link to it.. please to don't laugh, I really don't think it's that good anyways.. ~*My Poem*~ That's my poem.. isn't it sucky..? I thought so myself.. well I'm gonna end up this page.. check out my other ones that are there.. have fun.. thanx fer listening to my blabbing..

I have a lynx page pplz!! WHOO-HOO!! I actually took the time to take specially selected links and put them on my page.. now can you say wow.. I definately can.. ~*lol*~ ~*Lynx*~ So go lookie that so ye can listen to me blab sum more.. ;) ;)

Okay well.. I bet yer thinkin' this girlie only has one friend, Jessyka.. well that's _NOT_ in the least bit true.. I have a bunch-o-different friends..I made a littl epagie ta say hi to the ones with the net.. tee hee.. so take a peak.. ~*My Hi List*~ Some of my close friendies have the net too.. but I don't really have that many close close friendies.. but a few close ones.. hee hee.. ~*My Close Friendiez*~

I also have a few petz.. 3 to ba exact! I got two kittiez.. and one doggie.. hee hee.. I made a pagie about them too.. incase sum pplz are interested.. I'll have sum piccies up purdy soon.. ;) Well hopefully.. anwyayz. .here's my petz.. ~*My Petz*~

Hrmm.. whut else is there that you pplz can look at hrmm.. well purdy soon you guyz and galz.. can look at a .. ~*gasps*~ A piccy.. of... ME! I bet that sent 'em runnin'.. well I know it's a scary thought but hey.. it'll uh.. make you come runnin' to my door.. yesss... that's it.. ;) ;) Anywayz.. I think that's all the crap-o-la I have ta tell ya 'bout.. hope ye enjoy my pagie.. and don't ferget ta sign the guestbook! And check back every now and then ta see if I got off my lazy butt ta change this ting around.. not likely though.. but I changed it a bit now.. ;) Anywayz.. thanks er listening ta me blab! BYE-EEE!!!!

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