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~*My _KEWL_ Lynkz*~

Weellllllcommeee.. to my page-o-lynkz.. .. it's about neat-o places.. that _YEW_, yes yew, can go to on the net.. I know I know.. I've out done myself.. ~*grinz&winkz*~ But there comes a time, when I girl has to make a good impression on everyone.. ;) ;)

Now.. so you pplz get it straight.. this page _ONLY_ consists of places _I_ would approve of, so you are guaranteed that they're grrrrrreat!! ~*grinz & takes off her Tony the Tiger costume*~ Anywayz.. I only chose the good, well the somewhat important ones.. ;) ;) I was so kind .. (as I always am). ;) ;) to include a brief discription about the site.. so read through, take a look and sign _MY_ guestbook.. ;) thanx..

First off.. MUSIC!! Toronto's _VERY OWN_ Much Music! ~*Much Music*~ This site has everything about it, count down, combat de clips, R.S.V.P and much more.. so check it out.. ;) It's _VERY_ neat-o..

If yer a fan of the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet then you MUST go here! ~*Titanic*~ It tells you all sorts of info on the movie and it has pics :) :) ;) Another Titanic site is ~*Titanic 2*~ It has all sorts of info on the Love Story in the movie, and stuff about the characters, and it has pics. So if you luuuved that movie go check it out :)

DiSnEy!! What's a page without a link to Dinsey's page..? ~*DiSnEy*~ I have this link here cuz I luv Sleeping Beauty, that my favourite Disney movie of all time.. it just soo ..umm.. good :) I dunno I just luv it.. the site has much more about other Disneys movies and stuffz so have a looksey!

The next one is hotmail.. it should really be called haltmail cuz is somewhat slow.. but it's free email.. ~*Haltmail*~ It's purdy good .. well sumtymes.. I have my own account.. as I'm sure most of you know.. ;)

~*Main Page*~