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Wow look.. antoher page has been added to my homepage collection thingy.. can you believe it..? I can't.. I'm too lazy to type now-a-dayz... NEwayz.. as you can probably see.. unless yer blind or something... this page is a bout a special little freak.. JESSYKA! She's my awesome, yet scary best friend..

I bet yer thinking my gawd.. who write about their best friends..? WELL I DO GAWD DAMNIT!! Alright?! Now that we have an understanding I'll continue..

Jess and I have been brest friends since we were three years old.. can you believe that..? We went to nursery school together.. so that's a looong time ago.. cause I'm 15 and she's 16.. well on June 23rd...

Jess and I do everything together!! You don't understand.. we are inseperable! Even teachers at our school comment about it! And there is this one teacher at our school who I love!! Jess thinks he's dirty.. I have NO idea what's she's thinking!! I was in his class and it totallt rocked! NEwayz.. I was talking about things we do together right..? Well yeah.. we go shopping, have sleep overs.. go swimming.. go to my cottage... umm.. that's all I can think of! My cottage.. lets tak about that for a bit.. IT ROCKS!! If you haven't been there yer prolly thinking.. whatever.. but it flat out kicks ass.. Some of our absolute funniest memories occured there... I make myself laugh outloud thinking about them!! Some are... Jess falling over a fence and getting stuck.. then me rolling on the ground laughing about it 20 minutes after... her embarresing herself in front of these guys there.. by burping really loud infront of them when they were supposidly elsewhere.. umm.. going off the rope swing.. running away from this weird freak in a paddle boat.. but my dad had to bring him out to us.. what was he thinking?!? Staying out until 2am.. I mean 10:30... yes daddy I swear we were in on time!! Breaking the hammic about 2 times a night.. swishing four people on a hammic... ouch.. talk about foot in the ass!! Going to South View and playing with boys there... having spazes at South View!! And threatening to make irratating people walk home when they waste your camera film and do other stupid things.. Getting peoples phone numbers who live umm... somewhere far away.. singing our cool Bailieboro song at the top of our lungs in the boat... singing with Ryan to Pocahontas! Talking to Ryan about how the lounge talks to him.. it's the ass strap! It's talks to me too.. playing in the floaty boat.. heheh.. Jess.. you know what I mean!! Going tubing!! Oh damn.. that's freakin' awesome!! Going tubing with 3 people on the tube at once! eepz.. is that ever scary.. espically if you have to lay across to other people and attempt to hold on.. hehe.. it's fun though! Fighting about who gets the lounge while suntanning.. and fighting about a stop to sun tan.. playing truth or dare with some crazy boys in the boat.. crashing the boat into the rocks.. the dock... and other places... I swear to gawd I'll learn how to dock a boat one of these days!! Having bon fires with a few additives... hehe.. watch out for the Bailieboro Boys!! They're pyros! I sat on her once while she had to pee really bad.. it was quite funny.. and we always sit in the middle of the big hill/road and blow bubbles... and one of these days we're gonna do what Katie said, we are gonna have pee races down the hill!! Drinking all the chocolate milk.. stupid Andy.. eating EVERYTHING in my house!! Jess .. you gotta accept that he talked to my mom.. and that he went in my house by himself!! Now we gotta make Derek unlazy.. and we gotta make Jeff not a goodie goodie.. umm.. what can we do to improve Ryan.. well.. heheh.. that's too evil.. I'm sure you know what I mean anywayz...and we play hide and go.. and man oh man is it ever fun! I fell asleep in a tree.. oh wait.. that makes it seem like it sucks.. but it doesn't!! Well I could go on forever about the cottage but I think I'll stop! Oh .. one more thing.. WE WILL MAKE OUR PLAN WORK!! WE WILL!!!

What else do we do together.. hmm.. we go to school together.. and last year we had two classes together.. parenting and intro to business.. both classes SUCKED!! Damn.. I ahte Mrs. Bhalla.. we gotta plan her death k..? Jess ad I have a killing list... and it's kinda like the Billy Madison thing.. we're gonna go crazy and then everytime someone calls and apologizes for being annoying.. a bitch.. dumb.. a boyfriend stealer.. and so on.. we'll cross off their name and put on bright red lipstick.. and ya know how sexy we look in bright red lipstick.. ;) ;)

Another thing that was eally funny.. is how my ankles always decide to give way one me.. I'll be walking on alla the sudden I'll be falling.. it's quite funny.. I'm like Megrah on Hercules.. I got problems with weak ankles.. Something like that kinda happened at Jess house.. I was walking down the stairs... then Jess decided to help me down them and she yanked me down so I fell down the the last few stairs at her house..

Another extra cool thing we did was go to Canada's Wonderland with Mark, Dave and Keith M. it was soooo fun!! I don't think I ever laughed so much in one day!! I swear I lost 10lbs laughing!! We were pretty stupid that day too.. we went on a water ride and were soaked for the rest of the day and it was quite chilly out.. thanks to Dave and Keith for lending us their sweaters.. no thanks to Mark though.. Dumb ass.. he's so not nice!! But it was sooo fun.. and Jess and I never had to go on one ride alone! Cool huh! We suckered the boys into going by themselves.. you shoulda heard em fighting about going by themselves.. Jess and I use to take dance together.. but I quite... heheh.. mainly cause of my parents and this bitchy snob ,... not mentioning any names..our dance totally rocked! It was to the song Strike It Up! I luuuvved our dance.. and we looked soooo damn sexy in our FMC uniforms.. hehe.. yeah right!! They were ugly! But I'd wear it in public.. juuussssttttt kidding.. scared ya there didn't I..? NEwho...

What else should I talk about.. hrmm.. well I can't think of anything else right now.. so I'll sign off..
See ya Jess!! Even though yer scary I love ya babe!! And I love someone else.. not mentioning anynames cause that someone may find out.. See ya at my cottage!

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