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Just Wanted to Say... HI!

As you can see.. this is my 'Hi List' only a few ppl are on here now, soo if yer not on here... sign my guest book and get mad at me and I'll put ya on.. ;)

JESSYKA: Heya! What cha up tew tootz..? I hate you ya know.. you aren't suppose to say stuff unless you have my permission. Don't laugh at me fer falling down the stairs.. you pulled me down.. you better sign my guest book!

NORM: Hey BIG boy! Hee hee.. you better not flirt with me anymore.. we make Jess mad.. she can't know the truth.. ;) ;)

KEITH E. :Hey buttmunch... what cha up to..? Playing Mario Kart..? Didn't I tell you that grrlz always win..? You shouldn't fight me cause yer parents give you weird looks.. can I please curl your hair sometime..? I'll make you look prurdy..

CHRISTIE: Heya babe... please try not to fall anymore.. that's two already this year.. I heard about the one in History. Is yer butt okay..?

KRISTIN: Heya sex-e.. howz Tay..? ;) ;) I'll help ya with yer page someday.. I had ta make my own first.. keep writin' to me.. see ya 'round sex-e ;)

GINA: Heya babe.. what's up..? Howz Nathan..? You gotta talk to him for longer ya know. If ya don't I'll make you! You gotta show me who he is too!

KIRK: Heya! Whay cha up tew baby..? I told ya I'd let you read my page.. just when it was finished.. see ya round! ;) ;) Luv Ya!

A special hello goes out to MATT!! Hey Matt, what's up..? Howz it going..? ~hugglez tew yew~ See how special you are..? You get special green font!!

Well so far this is a short hi list.. I don't really feel like makin' em so long.. well remeber if you feel left out sign my guest book, tell me what ya think and bitch at me for some other things too.. Here's yer ticket back to my main page.. [admit1]