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~My Fluffz~

Okay.. I bet that right about now.. you think I'm insane for having a page about my fluffz.. and I bet you think I'm insane for having fluffz in general.. but.. I'll explain to ya why I got them...and I bet yer wondering what fluffz are.. well fluffz are something that could be on your clothes and it could be actually stuck to your body.. like when you take your socks off and you have little fluffs inbetween your toes.. it may sound gross, but these little fluffs are cute if you actually look closely.. that's why I have fluffz..

Well I got these fluffz cause I thought they were cute.. *grynz* And I got them cause Jess had one and it made her page more interesting.. and page has soo much blabbing I thought I'd try to give you guys a break.. but I doubt it's working.. but hey, I tried..

About My Fluffz!

The oldes fluff, is a female.. her name is Wilhelmina.. *grynz* I thought I'd be creative when it came to naming her.. I had a few names in mind but that one decided to stick.. she's purple.. and is always smiling.. a good natured fluff.. *laughz* Well.. I guess that's enough talking about her.. I'll bring her on out then and you can meet her.. *grynz*

Introducing.. Wilhelmina..

As you can see there's been and additional to the fluff family.. a new baby boy.. aww isn't he cute..? That's my new baby boy.. his name is Norvin. I know what yer thinking.. how can anyone name _ANYTHING_ such weirtd names but hey.. I'm creative.. what can I say.. anywayz.. now Wilhelmina has a younger brother. They're both very talkative and outgoing, but Wilhelmina is a bit more shy around people she just meets..

There's been another addition to the fluff family :) Another grrl. :) Her name is Dayna.. I know I know.. the other two have creative names and she gets a semi-common one.. it's just that I've always liked the name Dayna :) It's got a pretty ring to it.. Isn't she a kyootie..? ;)
I hope you enjoyed meeting them!

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