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Howard Dorough


Howard Dwaine Dorough


Howie D. or Latin Lover


August 22, 1973 (24)




Orlando, Florida

HAIR: Black EYES: Brown HEIGHT: 5'6" WEIGHT: 133lbs FAV FOOD: Chinese FAV DRINK: Sprite FAV COLOR: Purple FAV COLONGE: Cool Water

Being the exotic (half irish and half puerto rican) one of the group, his Latino-ness shines through when he sings. His falsetto voice adds flavor to the songs and makes them even more enjoyable. Not only does he have the voice, but he also have the looks that makes girls go out of their minds. Howie had an early start when he would jump on his grandmother's bed at the age of 3 and sing Baby Face songs. From there things started to soar for our little latin friend. He went to become a professional dancer and had parts in movies like Parenthood and Cop and A Half. And now look at our cutie.

***Special News Flash***

It brings me sadness and great sorrow to tell you that Howie's sister Sunday, September 13, 1998 of Lupus. I hope yall say a prayer and keep the Dorough family in your hearts.