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I love antiques, and antique kitchen cupboard most of all. My mother in-law got me started on kitchen cupboards, but I have alway loved old funiture. It has a strength about it that is hard to explain, if something can stay together that long and still look good it deserves to be respected and cherished. The kitchen cabinet has a big part in the American family because it has seen so much of family life. The kitchen is where everything got done. The cooking, baking, laundry and even the kids were bathed sometimes. The family spent most of their time together in the kitchen too. School work was done in the kitchen and games were played at the table and prayers were shared at meals together. The Kitchen cabinet was used for cooking, baking and even storing medicines. As the years passed the old cupboard was replaced by the new hanging cupboards, and the old was put out in the barn or shed and used for less aprediated storage. Today people are starting to remember or regaining a respect for the old kitchen cabinet and the damaged ones are fixed and refinished, and brought back to life. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece of furniture that has been tossed aside brought back to it's glory again. I enjoy making beautiful again what was once the center of the family room and cherished by the woman of the house. The cabinet on this page is one of those tossed aside and brought back to life again. There will be a different one shown from time to time as I can get them done. Just like a old Grandparent, a cherished and strong reminder of how close families should be. Coming All The Way Home again.