There have been
many events in our existence
that have helped form the basic understanding of who we are, how we interplay within the Universe, and what responsibilities we assume in the development of the whole. The creation stories as understood by particular cultures all lend themselves to the undeniable fact of planned interaction with this planet from a source of goodness and benevolence. The mythology of our ancestors, from whatever culture we choose, further enlighten us as to the interactive role we share with our Creator. Whether we view this Energy as pure potential, or in another form , we see the commonality of our birth as Human Beings coursing within that Light. With the advent along our path of dis-ease, harm, negativity and compulsive greed, also was given a path of healing. The interplay of these two extremes was intended to draw us closer to our true natures, and to remind us of our life in the Source of All. Regretfully, some of us, full of Ego and careless in examining the potential for harm undertook a counterfeit course in order to provide this natural expression of Spirit. We devised methods fashioned by our own "wisdom", based on our "science", completely ignoring the vast wealth of simpler, more efficient methods of restoration of Human Beings, our Earth Relations, and our Blessed Earth Mother herself. Century after century of needless pain, agony and pain have played across the stage of life on Gaia, our Ancient Mother. Always, the truth was known and practiced by few. Shamans, Medicine People of old, the Healers, those with the "signs" were adept in seeing the way to Spirit, and healed with their hands and minds. This tradition we know now as reiki. Simply put, it is a direct connection between a creation and his/her Creator. It is the Divine Light, the very power of the One, given to a smaller part of the same in order to bring it to restoration. In reiki there are no determinations, no need for postulations or defining a problem. Reiki finds its course to its highest good. All levels of existence are healed, not just treated, or cured. The person offering reiki energy indeed does little, other than offer to be a channel, focusing the energy toward its intended need. These attunements we are preparing to enter are not reiki. They are preparatory events that allow Spirit fuller access to the vessels of humanity, called to be used in the healings to come. Reiki is the Light, we are the candles. As we get out of the way, the healings come. Gently, Powerfully, they come. We may claim only dutiful obeyance to the voice of our Creator, saying " Come, My Children of Light, Let Us Together Join our Hands and Bring Beauty!". It is Spirit who heals, Spirit who brings those to become healed, and Spirit who calls us as partners in Healing. This is a watershed event! We are offered the opportunity to rest in the Bosom of the Great Spirit, as Energies of Light, Harmony, Balance and Power flow through us, becoming one with intentions formed by us to restore ourselves, each other and all our Relations! Truly there can be no greater gift than that of bringing a wounded soul into contact with the One True Light! As we accept this gracious gift of Spirit, I pray we seek its place within us as a sacred path. I pray that we not use this path for self-empowerment, or grandiose display. It is a holy place, a healing spring placed within our bosom by Great Spirit, our Creator. It is my hope that all who come to wade in this healing spring will be ever mindful of the walk of the ancestors before him, the reiki masters of old who declared this sacred circle of light, and seek to spiral only for good, their highest purpose in all. Grandfather, WE come together in unity, binding all sources of deceit and dishonor. We give ourselves to you as a fragrant smudge, alive with the promise of your blessing path. Fill us with your power and knowledge, enable us to proclaim your truth. Make our hands warm in the creative healing energy of your reiki Light. We are yours. Aho.

Daniel Eagle Bear