This is my story of EagleBear, my friend, my brother, my mentor,

my Reiki master.

Although I have only known EagleBear for several years, my relationship with him is one that has spanned the distant stars. EagleBear came into my life at a time when I was seeking a master of Reiki to further my training. I had completed the first two levels of Reiki with a wonderful teacher but was not able to afford the price of the master apprenticeship that she offered as a Reiki Alliance member.

Upon finally realizing that I would have to gain my master degree elsewhere, I sent out a prayer and it was answered in two ways...both on the same day and within moments of each other. Vancouver, Canadian Reiki master, Richard Rivard offered to attune me to the Master level, via a long distance attunement, as did EagleBear. EagleBear said, "go ahead. Let Rick do it. He is a wonderful person and he offered first. " So, after contacting Rick and setting up a time, I gratefully received the attunement to the third level of Reiki, or the Master energy. So, now I had received the attunement to the energy but did not have the training or certificate as a teaching master. I am forever grateful to Rick Rivard for his eternal willingness to share in the Light of Reiki!

Shortly thereafter, EagleBear contacted me, inviting me into his home for the weekend to participate in a first level Reiki class. It was there that my "training" began.

Eaglebear is a Tockabachee Redstick of the Muscogee (Lower Creek) Indian Nation and a pipe carrier. He is also a medicine elder of the Bear Light Tribe and at the time, was also the mentor of a 'tribe' of people known as the StarTurtle Nation. I had joined this group in an effort to understand and honor the ways of my native american ancestry, the Cherokee and Creek Nation. EagleBear also just happened to be a Reiki master!

This beautiful story encompasses a time span of over 4 years. I couldn't possibly include all of the wonderful memories that I have in my heart of EagleBear and the love and wisdom that he has so freely shared with me. Each day something that he has said will give me the gentle push that I need.....or remind me that I am loved and that there truly is no time or space between any of us. A simple thought of him will remind me why I am here and what it means to share with others what I have so generously been taught on my own journey.

I hold this space in honor of those many moments and to share some of the more memorable ones with you.

* * * * *


EARLIER that Spring, Crow had also wondrously re-entered my life. One in particular had begun following me on my many journeys around town. My main mode of transportation was a bicycle. I found Crow patiently waiting on my fence in the early mornings as I would head out for work each day. He would caw and take wing, following a small distance ahead of me...watching and waiting on some convenient perch for me to catch up with him. That done, he would take flight again, as if to scout ahead to clear the path, always watchful that he didn't loose sight of me. Crow would usually hang around my place of employment during the day, waiting for my breaks, where he might receive a treat of sunflower seeds...or tilt his head and caw, as if he understood every word of my conversation with him. I was amazed at this behaviour. One hears of this sort of thing but it is quite different to have such a wonderful experience.

During the weekend visit to EagleBear's home, I participated in the Reiki class and gave my first Reiki attunement. EagleBear said, "You are a Reiki master!"

The following day, he took me to his work shop. It was there that I took my first starwalk. To starwalk is to spiritually journey to the stars...to finally go HOME! I had never done such a thing so I really had no expectations. I was elated just to have the time alone with him.

After placing an eagle feather in my one hand, and his hand in my other, the journey began. Crow flew in to join us and enumerable feelings welled up inside of me as we effortlessly flew skyward...above the state of Florida.....the city lights, then the forests and rivers.... the many lakes all becoming smaller with each second. Crow flew out ahead, as he had grown accustomed to doing, as excited as I was.

At that point I no longer looked back but turned my full attention ahead towards the dark heavens....towards the billions of stars in front of me. The last thing I remember seeing behind us was a bright star in the far distance...our own Sun, shining like a small diamond in the night sky.

EagleBear was taking me Home!

Starwalking is a miraculous experience! The most amazing thing for me is the realization that my being contains the entire Universe within it. Yet, there really is no within or without! No time or space. When starwalking, one flies right to the heart of ALL THAT IS.

As EagleBear, Crow and I drew closer to Maya Pleaides, time seemed to cease. Huge stars of brilliant light silently drifted past us as we headed home.

As we approached the Temple of Maya Pleaides, I could see the many campsites with flickering fires glowing below the main Temple entrance. EagleBear told me that these were the campfires of my Star family. In front of the temple there were many steps that led up to a vast platform or colonnade. The temple was built of beautiful, shining jet black obsidian. The colonnade floor shimmered with purples and blues....much like the colors on the wings of Crow when he perches in the sun.

It was here, on the colonnade of the Temple of Maya Pleaides, that I stood before Grandfather. I cannot recall everything that took place that day. My senses were bombarded. There was Light everywhere around and within me. I had just stood in a fire of purification and washed myself in a fountain of healing waters. Now, here I was, standing before Grandfather. How does one prepare for a moment such as this? I only remember seeing Grandfather's feet. His stature was so large that his body of Light extended far beyond the atmosphere of this place that I stood in. Like some giant that would wear the sun as a ring on his finger.

Then, Grandfather spoke.

He told me many things. His words were inscribed upon my heart for the rest of my life. I was told that I am a rainbow bridge of Light...an anchor in the storm...a teacher and a healer...a Reiki master. He addressed me as

I had never heard the name before yet I knew that he spoke to me.

Grandfather told me to look on the floor in front of me. He instructed me to choose a piece of obsidian that was laying on the floor, which I did. Then, he instructed me to place it within my heart. I don't recall the rest of my starwalk. I remember the peace....and the knowing....I don't even recall returning to Earth. I think that a part of me remained there on Maya Pleaides.

Later that evening, EagleBear drove me back to Gainesville. It was a three hour drive. We talked of many things. Made plans to attend a workshop on the teachings of the Peruvian Incan Qero. He told me that now that I had journeyed to my Star home, I could go there whenever I pleased. He told me that I should journey to Maya Pleaides every night and sleep in the camp at the base of Grandfather's Temple...the camp of my Star family.

*   *   *   *


Sept. 3, 2003

Daniel 'Eagle Bear' Day

Made his final journey home. 

He passed away peacefully in his sleep and now camps among the stars...

May his spirit soar and continue to heal and be healed!

We love you!


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