In my studies of things "spiritual", I have come across several interesting healing modalities that involve working directly with PAN (Volcan), the DEVIC KINGDOM, and the WHITE BROTHERHOOD. or MASTERS OF LIGHT. I have learned a process which works with two of these groups, as well as several processes working with them individually for healing of the self, or our Earth Mother. These techniques are highly effective, fun to work with, and very rewarding!

Recently, there has been some controversy as to the "legality" of the use of some of this material by others, as some of the process was copyrighted by Perelandra, LTD. and a woman by the name of Machaelle Small Wright. Ms. Wright co-created a process with the Devic Kingdom and the White Brotherhood, which has become known as MAP, or the WHITE BROTHERHOOD MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. I have contacted Perelandra, LTD. for permission to briefly review the process here.

In 1990, Ms. Wright wrote a fascinating book called MAP:THE CO-CREATIVE WHITE BROTHERHOOD MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. I had read the MAP book and had begun working with the process, which involves a creative partnership with your own personal "MAP" team. The MAP team is made up of a group of 'Lightbeings' which includes the Overlighting Deva of Healing, Pan (Volcan), an individual/personal White Brotherhood Medical Unit, and one's Higher Self/I AM Presence..

The MAP process is done in a very simple manner which involves creating a space that allows your MAP team to work with you for self healing on all levels. A 'coning' is set up which calls in the team and asks/gives them permission to do the work. Although the process is very simple and similar to many processes that I have seen, I have been asked by Perelandra, LTD. not to discuss the process in detail here. I will honor that request. I will, however, say to those who are at least second degree Reiki that very similar, perhaps even more effective results, could be achieved in setting up a coning by using the second degree Reiki symbols to connect with Pan, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, your own MAP team and your Higher Self. You would do this just as you would to connect to your Reiki Guides and the receivers of an absent Reiki healing.

That said, I would like to present a brief explanation of the MAP process and those LightBeings that are involved, along with "links" to more thorough information.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Machaelle Small Wright's book to anyone who finds this information interesting!! The MAP Team sessions have been a valuable process for me and I always look forward to working with my personal team during a session. It is also possible for healers to set up a MAP team to assist them in their practice, no matter what healing modality they use. This team can be very beneficial in helping the practitioner to connect more fully with the client's Higher Self and to better understand the emotional, mental and spiritual causes behind an illness or disease. Working with a "professional MAP Team" in this manner is very similar to asking one's Guides, Teachers, Angels, or Ascended Reiki Masters to work with them in their Reiki practice. Actually, my own Map Team is made up of some of my personal Guides and a Reiki Master or two.

Machaelle's book is very thorough and easy to understand. Everyone has a MAP Team just waiting to work with them. This process doesn't require attending any workshops or spending any money, other than for the price of the book, which is available through the Perelandra webpage (see link below.) This is a "self-help" healing process which is a personal one between you, your MAP team, and your Higher Self. No one else need be involved.

Now for a little detail:

(The concepts behind this information come from Machaelle's book.)


The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls and Ascended Masters who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary growth of ALL towards "Wholeness." The Order of the Melchizedek is a part of the White Brotherhood, as is Jesus, the Christ, Saint Germain and Bodhisattva, Lady Master Kwan Yin, among many others. Mankind is connected to the White Brotherhood constantly, although they may, in general, work with us on an intuitive level and our connection to them may be unconscious. In the MAP work, one consciously focuses and connects with the White Brotherhood in a direct manner to facilitate healing on all levels, though each session usually works on a particular problem or level of disease.


PAN (Volcan) is the traditional name for the Overseeing Spirit of the entire nature spirit level. Machaelle Wright calls Pan the "CEO" of the nature spirit level. This group creates and implements all of the blueprints for form. It also insures the integrity of the process of maintaining this original devic blueprint. In the MAP session, Pan aligns all physical elements of any process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint. Pan is always included in a coning session when working with your MAP team. He is universal in his dynamic and does not have regional limitations. It is the nature spirit level, which is represented by Pan, that makes the connection of our presence with the medical White Brotherhood team.


This aspect of the Devic level serves as the architectural force that creates the physical structures found within all human healing. The order, organization, and life vitality of the human body falls within the domain of the Deva of Healing.

Devas and Nature Spirits are terms used to identify two different expressions and functions within the"nature consciousness." They "interface" with the human soul while in form. The Devic expression designs and actually IS the creation of the order, organization, and life vitality of that form.

The Nature Spirit expression infuses the devic order and adds the dynamic of function and a working balance. It is the expert of form and is form itself.

* * * * * * * *

I have attempted to give you a brief but fairly thorough introduction to this wonderful healing process. The MAP work is, to me, profoundly personal and deeply effective! It is a therapeutic session that includes working with your Higher Self in cooperation with the White Brotherhood and the Devic Kingdom.

I would recommend that anyone interested in this material read the book before attempting to try this procedure.

* * * * * * * *

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