'Bear' Wisdom...

Six years have passed....

I found this marking an important page in a book...

Eagle Bear's gentle wisdom once again brings healing that is appropriate for today as well as when he wrote it.

I had asked him to join me long distance in a healing ceremony...and had also been letting off steam about the confusion over laws in Florida pertaining to Reiki and other complementary therapies...as well as just feeling alone because he was so far away...

I would love to share his wisdom with you.

* * * *

Dated 30 Sept. 1999

Subject: Saturday

I checked with my appointment secretary, and it just so happens that I will be free to join you. What time does this here shindig commence??

No worries about lunch, I shall be brown-bagging. hehehehe.

berries and nuts are ripe...apples...grapes...pumpkins...squash...all them wonderful BEARFOODS!


Today I am streaming some blue-green-purple light rays to you. Reminding you that nothing comes that isn't intended for your higher good. It is your universe Achello! YOU ask, form, nurture and sustain it by your will and intention. Joy needs chaos to make it spin and dance. Revel in the mysteries, swim with the river, not against the tide.

Love holds us together in an everchanging organic web. Watch Grandmother as she inspects her work every morning. Sometimes her prey will struggle to be released, tearing the delicate fabric of her web. She then looks at the result, figures the best way to repair it. Often she rebuilds only a portion, but then sometimes decides a whole new structure is needed. In either case, she toils and labors with the tools she has, and invariably makes beauty from a weakened situation. Are we any LESS or different?

Achello, I remind you to gather your strengths, examine the truth of your situation. Are you in fact in danger by the actions of others, as far as the reiki management issue is concerned? Is your web in fact torn? Is it frayed? And if you find that in reality it is, then how must you work to repair it? How much needs to be done? You have all the answers within. They yearn to express themselves creatively.

You have the ability through your name to create energy, lightning and make it walk through the heavens! Yoda says...'Do. Don't try. There is not try!'

Breathe today. Drink the bounty of Grandfather's breath. Remember the rounds in the sweatlodge, when hot intense life-force mixed with our prayers and the smell of sage and cedar brought freshness. I am sending my memories of that wonderful night rolled in elkskin and my gray-black and red medicine blanket to you right now as we talk through nonspace and nontime. Cloak yourself in its powerful loving force...Today you are my brother, and today our Mother, great healing Bear is cuddling us both safe to her breast.

Feel the annointing oil, mixed with patchouli, myrrh and lavendar on your brow. Drink the milk of community, however physically distant you may feel. YOU ARE NOT DISTANT!

There is no space in Spirit.

I love you, dear Brother, here and now. there and then. There is no difference.

Dance well. May Earth Mother bless you and hold you closely to her bosom. May Grandfather breathe Joy, Strength, Wealth, Health, and Peace into you as a song...


* * * *


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