A Sunday was set aside for my friend Roger.
I went out to his "farm"...he lived on 40 acres of cow pasture...with some 40 "odd" cows. His girlfriend and their room mate were both vet students.

Their house was a zoo...a home for wayward animals. They had 6 cats...(all gorgeous creatures!); 5 dogs (one which fell out of the back of a truck...and was spastic!!); two snakes ( a ball python and a burmese python); a tarantula; two water lizards (iguanas); a goldfish and a huge black iguana that looked like a dinosaur. And of course, the 40 odd cows and an occasional spider, pygmy rattlesnake and whatever else came into the yard. The room mate had a 4 year old boy who told me he was 25 when I asked him how old he was. He had a Star Wars light sabre. I asked him where he got it and he said "my Jesus gave it to me!" Little smartelic, adorable kid!! A ball of energy...couldn't sit still....cute though...for a kid.

Roger and I did the four Reiki attunements out in the middle of 40 acres, with the 40 odd cows watching us...curious critters....cow patties everywhere. During the final attunement, in the middle of a light drizzle with thunderbeings singing, a deer came into the pasture. Right in the middle of the afternoon...it came within 10 feet of us! I was certain that it was going to come closer! About that time, the dog that fell out of the truck, ( whose name was TOAST, because when the vet saw his condition, he said..."this dog is toast!") chased the deer out of sight...but wow! A deer...in the middle of the day...10 feet away! She seemed to be curious about the Reiki attunements. I was so thrilled! I had never been so close to one in the wild. She was so incredibly beautiful!

The attunements were wonderful...the day was beautiful...the place was very peaceful...at least, out in the pasture with Roger and the cows....


Roger noticed that one of the pregnant cows had gone into labor...He said "COOL! she's gonna have her calf today!" We decided to name it 'Roger,' since the day was a spiritual 'birthing', of sorts, for him also.

So, we sat in the grass and proceeded to watch Mother Nature take her course. After a while, we realized that the cow was having problems delivering. It's a long, long tale.

On into the late evening, the four of us tried to deliver this calf, tying ropes to the calf's hind feet (it was a breach birth)....trying to pull it out but with no luck! Roger and I gave the mother Reiki for several hours...she was enormous!! She tried to help us....she was exhausted but she would look at me as I administered Reiki. I had never been that close to a cow before in my life. I could tell that she understood that we were there to help her and the Reiki did seem to calm her down quite a bit. As for Roger, well, he had just received his four attunements and his first Reiki experience was giving Reiki to a cow!!

We eventually found a university dairy science professor who was willing to come over and try to help. He was baffled by it all. It seems the calf had been dead for two or three days and was quite swollen. He couldn't feel it's head, or it's tail. His prognosis was not very optimistic.

Finally, the professor got an old vet doctor to come over with a pick-up truck and a cow jack...a "COW JACK!!" WHAT!!!!?

At that point, I had to go back to the house. I had had enough for one day! All of the other cows were forming a circle around the activity.... moving in closer and closer. They looked like they might BITE!! The vet said that they are fairly stupid animals and just curious.

I knew better!!

Well, the doctors and the two vet students did finally deliver the dead calf. The doctor was surprised that the mother had survived it all. She got up and walked away...very tired and thirsty. At one point, she stopped and turned around to look at us as if to say "Thank you...I think."

The vet gave Roger some antibiotics for her and said he thought she would be fine. She was traumatised but relieved, to say the least! From what I hear, she did fine with no other complications...at least not physical ones!

The old vet said she would have surely died had we not been there. Whether Reiki helped to save her life, I will never know but she somehow seemed to be grateful for it.

All in all, it was a wonderful day....a wonderful experience. One just never knows where, when, or how they will be called to help another.

By that time, the sun had gone down. We were all exhausted and sunburned. Roger gave me a snake skin from his burmese python...and a huge cow horn from the pasture....and lots of beautiful hugs! He also cracked my back for me and massaged my shoulders with those incredible hands of his....now even more healing with the power of Reiki in them. It was a wonderful energy exchange!

We watched 'The Simpsons' that evening on tv and had pizza for dinner....with the 25/4 yr. old sitting in my tired lap...along with the 6 cats, 5 dogs, two snakes and other creatures trying to share the sofa with us.

Later that evening, the lightning bugs lit the path back to Roger's car and he drove me home down this winding dirt road....so close to town, yet seemingly so distant and far away.

That night, I slept like a baby.

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