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Reiki master/teacher Terry Rogers is offering absolutely



to all HIV+ persons in the community.

So, what is this all about?

Several years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in a weekend retreat for people in Northern Florida who live with HIV and AIDS. It was held at Camp Weed, a beautiful lodging and conference center situated on 500 acres near Live Oak, Florida. During the first day of the two day retreat, I offered a one hour Reiki session to seven different people, all who were HIV+. It was an amazing opportunity for me, a true gift that I am very grateful for.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to try to find a venue where I could set up a monthly clinic, offering Reiki sessions and training at no cost, to people living with HIV. After several weeks of phone calls, I was able to convince the local Pride Community Center in Gainesville that my proposal was worthwhile and the President of Pride agreed to allow the use of the center one night per month as a clinic. I was given a key to the front door and began an advertising campaign.

To my surprise, not a single person ever called to set up an appointment at the clinic. I diligently pursued this venture for approximately a year and then realized that it just wasn't going to manifest. I have come to understand some of the reasons why the clinic never got off the ground, despite my efforts.

I still believe that most people think that HIV and AIDS are 'gay diseases.' This isn't the case. In fact, in my own county, the largest population of HIV/AIDS affected persons are heterosexual African Americans. Recent statistics show that this is a reflection of the national population and actually, African American women are the highest percentage of new cases now.

I believe that most people, except for perhaps some of the gay population, are still very secretive about their HIV status. There is still a lot of fear and prejudice in this country concerning this virus and it has been my experience that homosexuality, in general is strongly looked down upon in the African American community, in particular.

I think that the main reason my clinic failed was it's location. Straight African American men and women were not going to go to a gay community center, for whatever reason. As stated above, most people do not want to reveal their HIV status and by going to a public place for HIV related assistance would change that. Statistics show that many people do not even know that they are HIV+ because they will not get tested out of fear or for other reasons.

So, the clinic never took off. However, I still believe very deeply that Reiki can be of great benefit to people living with HIV and AIDS. There are some studies that have been done that support this belief. Particularly in the following areas, Reiki would be helpful to:

* Empower a person to take another step towards wellness and self love.

* Possibly curb some of the side affects of the medications that they are on.

* Help to boost their energy level.

* Possibly strengthening the immune system as Reiki is a GREAT stress reliever.

* Bring on a sense of peace and acceptance, giving a person the feeling that they are not helpless but can make positive changes in their lives.

* Remove the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS concerning touch.

Human touch is very healing and I think that many times, people living with HIV and AIDS become isolated and receive very little touch and affection. The fact is that they need it more than ever!

Reiki is so very nurturing. It feels warm and gentle and loving. It is like a huge hug. I have NEVER met a person who didn't love Reiki.

Anyone can learn to do self Reiki in a one day class. They can treat themselves 24/7, whenever they are feeling fatigued, depressed, isolated, weak, out of control, helpless, or unloved. Reiki can strengthen the body; help to ease insomnia, worry and pain; and in general bring about a sense of peace and wellness on all levels.

Reiki can change a person's life.

A whole self treatment consists of a one hour session. The person places their hands very gently over specific areas of their own body and just rests their hands there for a few moments. After the class, they are able to very easily facilitate the flow of Reiki energy from their own hands and into their body. The energy generally feels very warm and soothing. As I said, it's like a hug....self love.

How many people truly know how to love themselves?

Reiki can also be shared with others. After the class, a person can easily share Reiki with their family and friends, benefiting themselves as well with the opportunity to share something that is so necessary to their own wellbeing, human touch.

Because of the above reasons and many more, I am offering to teach a Reiki class to anyone who is living with HIV or AIDS at no cost. I make this offer out of love and a wish to give back to my community. A class can be scheduled at anyone's leisure and can be held in their own home or at the Gainesville Center for Reiki Training. Classes run from 9 AM until about 5 PM and are just one day in length.

If anyone is interested in this offer, please contact me at the number listed on this page or send an email. I will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Your HIV status will be kept confidential and no one need know that you have taken the class if that is your preference.

Reiki practice is all about self healing...loving your self...empowering yourself to assist your Physician and health care practitioners in your own health care.

Reiki is not a substitute for Physician care. It is a gentle practice that is complementary to all Allopathic health care. Please see your Physician on a regular basis and whenever necessary. Follow his advice. Reiki practitioners are not Physicians. They do not diagnose or prescribe medications.

They simply practice this gentle touch therapy out of love and compassion and joy.

Thank you!

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