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Sculpture demands space and time and peaceful mind. Then you may see life in reality is
>>>--- "Transient Kinetic Sculpture" ----<<< Thorb97

This is an example of dry stone sculpture called " rr3 marker #1 ".

       I [Douglas J. Thorburn] must say... I present to you sculpture,poetry, photos and all of my art [To you the public, in the privacy of your home or business.] in a charitable nature with a touch of hope [maybe a commission or paid consultation or selling something I have already made.] not for the sake of selling or being commissioned, just for self[esteme] and some materials or food and travel costs.
          I am very informal [as you must have ascertained],
               Canadian University trained and self taught 
               an artist who believes despite some attitudes enjoys all arts and participates 
in many arts [masters being strangely rated yet appreciated even though I don't refer to very many of them]
like painting, poetry, sculpture, photography, music video, writing, construction, electronic media and any other words 
                                     [that may help with the searching or feeling]. 
It seems one just leads to another.
                I enjoy graphic design and am open to offers of work, 
      travel and or communication with all art patrons, artists and art lovers. 
Any dreamers and whoever my time allows for before the final insult.
ThorbArt is my latest [years old though] design a name [for you or your company].
Thorb is much older.
Thor didn't last very long and my friends call me Doug or Douglas

Feel free to look through my sites [i have many] for the latest pictures go to "The Gallery"
        I keep creating and uploading and altering          I appreciate constructive criticism and help.

TO SEE SOME PICTURES of Outdoor Sculptures click here
or here for a sexy composite creation.
And in time I will place something here too [like a link to my 2nd main site.]
for my self portrait abstract of my face for more of my work go to here or click on picture

conceptual sculpture bouquet and temple model

all rights reserved for permission to purchase the use of this or other art contact me via e-mail