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Hello there, My name is Melissa and I have created this web page with the help an incredible induvidual, who happens to be a computer wizard and my friend, Ho-Sheng. If you would like to see a gallery of photo's of me *grins* please click next. I hope you enjoy, and once again I would like to thank and HUG Ho-Sheng, for all of his help, and not to mention his patients. You do not even understand what I put him through, while he was helping me create this. Okay, let me tell you, I am totally computer illiterate and, well...he took the time and walked me through it all, and I just want everyone to know, he is the best! *winks* Thanks Ho-Sheng. I hope you all enjoy this... ** ~Melissa~

I love this quote, I think you should learn it and live by it. Make your own rules in life, don't let someone else tell you what true beauty is, after all true beauty is what lies inside...

"No matter what you think you look like, other people are always going to think whatever they want to anyway. They Love you--or they don't--regardless of your opinion of yourself. That's because your looks don't belong to you; they belong to the beholder. Give them over and walk away. You have better things to do!" -Barbara Sher