Seductive Poems


If sex is sin; Love devine,
and never between shall meet.
Then what's the point, in being good,
when naughty is such a treat?!?

You need the Yin, as well as Yang,
a little bit of each.
Sex is needed, for making love;
Land, air, & water, to make a beach!!!

A little good; A little bad,
to give a saucy grin.
In order to. .be heavenly,
You need a little sin!!!

poems to seduce him

You know you want me,
you know you need me.
I can feel your passion from here.

So why fight it??
Come to me and release your fire,
use me as you will.

I'll be your servant,
You can be my master.
But only cuz I wish it to be.

Don't be fooled.
I have the power,
and Ill never let it go.

For Passion And Love

For passion; for love,
I envoke thee.

I want to feel his lips upon my mouth,
his hand upon my breast.
I don't beleive there'll be a single place,
that won't be caressed.

For love; For passion,
I envoke thee.

The sweet words he'll whisper,
the look in his eye,
the way he'll make me feel.
Oh, I could just die!!

I envoke thee; I envoke thee,
For passion; for love,
for tenderness, and for lust.


I slowly peel the soft cover
to expose the luscious middle
so soft, so moist
my tender lips do hover
over its light skin
I lick the hole in the middle
MMmm I cannot resist
I open my mouth and sink my teeth in
The flavorful liquid spills over my lips
Into my mouth
Mmmm, I love oranges

When Day turns to Night

I will fall into darkness
fall away from the light
falling, falling so deeply,
when day turns to night
The darkness is good,
it makes my heart take flight,
because his arms are around me,
when day turns to night
the night is erotic,
dark dampers the sight,
doesnt matter with him there,
when day turns to night
It's time to let go,
dont think about what might
lose all inhibitions,
when day turns to night
one day when we marry
my heart will soar like a kite,
for he will forever be with me,
when day turns to night


I think about you everyday,
the way your touch would feel against my skin.
I love the way you make me feel,
what arouses in me, I feel must be a sin.
Oh, what a vision you must be,
Your eyes so blue they could wash away the sky.
even now I feel the sweet warmth of you mouth,
and I wonder, could this all be a magnificent lie.
I wish I could feel your arms around me,
oh, how I wish you were here.
but one cant feel a dream now can they,
never the less, in heart mind and soul, you'll always be here.

The Kiss

We are alone as we sit by the fire
My eyes are concentrated soley on the flame.
I can not look, I will not look
He does not understand who Iam.
He does not know my needs.
I need him more than life.
he is my life.
The fire goes out.
Darkness surrounds.
I cannot see him.
I do, however, feel him.
I sense him close.
I hear his blood running through his vains.
He draws closer to me.
he puts a hand to my face.
"Kiss me" He whispers.
I smile and lean over.
I brush my lips against his.
Then I give him the kiss of the Eternal.
Now I feel him with all my being.
His blood flows through me.
I feel it when his heart stops.
He is mine now.
I cry.
I didnt want to betray him.

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