Poems From the heart


Sometimes bored,
Sometimes leery.
The world is large,
and I am weary.

Sometimes blank,
Sometimes inspired.
Life is long,
And I am tired.

Somtimes we all need some time.
Sometimes we can't find the rhymes.
My soul is old,
And I just need to sleep sometimes.
Just Like Any other

You look at me, and you see,
a girl just like any other.
You listen to me, and hear,
a girl just like any other.

But I'm here to show you,
I'm not just like any other.
I am me, I am differant,
and I am the one you will love.

Learning to live with it

All this pain I feel,
That all the world can see.
I try to hide the truth.
Hide it, especially from me.

In the words of my brother,
In the words of my friends,
I have to learn to live with it,
unless I care to make amends.

Since I have no plan,
To do such a gruesome thing,
I have to learn to live with it,
So I might fly on spanded wing.

So this is me in all my glory,
putting my sulking to an end.
I'm learning to live with it.
Luckily, my friends shoulder she did lend.

For a Friend

For a friend,
who is a friend,
and ever a friend is he.
I send this poem,
with all my love,
In hopes,
He'll send some back to me.

Pet Names

My Love,
My life,
My darling.

You are all of these,
And yet you aren't.
For none of these words,
Can fully capture,
What you are. . to me.

A poem

I have to write a poem,
The teacher doesn't understand how hard it is,
for to write a poem is to express one's feelings.
Most teenagers don't even know what they're feeling.
Or maybe its just me,
for I happen to be crazy.

So there's this guy I like

Ok, ok, so there's this guy I like.
He's cute, he's sweet, and charming.
But most of all he's funny.
The depth I feel for him is really quite alarming.

I've had a dream about him,
Well, actually two to date.

They're really quite romantic,
Ironic though it is.
This sweet smile I dream of,
I can't believe is his.

And we are constantly flirting,
Huh; a primal urge to mate.

I don't really talk to him much,
Less with each passing year.
But I'd still like to get him drunk.
Gradually with each new beer.

He's the only guy I can see myself with.
At least, the only at this school.
And if I were to say otherwise,
Be assured its just a bunch of bull.

So there's this guy I like,
It happens every day.
So, why should I be differant??
What do you want me to say??

Yet I Wonder

You said you'd love me till you die,
But yet I wonder.
What about after you die??
For you are dead and gone.
And yet I wonder,
Do you love me now??

Hey You

Hey you,
There in the darkness.
Yeah, I see you.

Don't hide.
I just want to talk.
I'll see you inside.

Hey you,
Mark my words,
I will have you.

You'll be mine,
You dnt know it,
But you'll see the sign.

Hey you,
You don't know me,
but I know you.

I've seen you before,
behind your door,
And you were sleeping.

Hey you,
I've fallen for you,
and I've fallen so deep.
Please, will you love me too??
When I am dead

When I am dead,
and you are in bed,
I will be with you.

To be with you,
or to haunt you,
I don't yet know.

You hurt me.
Don't you see??
I loved you.

I was so blind,
my heart was kind.
I loved you.

Did you love me??
Really?? Don't lie.
Now I can fly,

Into the darkness,
that is your heart.
I see the truth.

You did love me.
So it is true.
I guess I'm here,
To be with you.

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