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Shadow Master

Bullaton Board:
Shadow Master has decided to take a break in programing this hompage for a while. So... he appointed Jade Falcon and Gowin (me) to sorta... add some new stuff to the homepage. I have been starting a helpful hints page on Diablo which would be quite fun. But I still need help with what to put on it.
-Treat others as you want to be treated yourself
Gowin, Master Paladin

This is the Shadow Master Here at his home in the Shadow World.

***This page is under construction***
If you play WarCraft2
Total Annihilation
Command & Conquer
Ultima Online(I yet do not have)
Ineterstate76(I yet do not have)

And you need A team to join let me Know For the Silver Gryphons are
recruting and we want players. Yet we still have not yet set the
Clan up yet let us know if you are looking for a Clan to join!

Also, any Age of Empires people who want to play a game but can't play on Microsoft's page can play with me, Gowin. Either E-mail me or ICQ me. My E-mail address is

If you have ICQ my UNI number is


Gowin's E-mail address is
Gowin's ICQ is 5050615

Also if you play on heat Let me know I'm the ShadowM (Heat mail me)

PLEASE! anyone with Pics of what either "ShadowMaster" or a
"Paladin" should look like please send them to me via E-Mail or ICQ.
Please no copyrighted stuff thanks you guys are the best!

Topics of intrest here
Want to know about the Paladins?
Want to go to heat now?

Here is the ICQ page

Email:The ShadowMaster