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Aussie Odyssey

Hi and welcome. If you are from OS welcome to OZ..on this page I would like to give you some idea of what life is like in the most beautiful, friendly country in the world...hehehe..naturally a totally unbiased opinion..just ask me.
Advance Australia Fair
This is Australia's official national anthem however most Aussies would not know all the words off by heart, it is just not in our nature to take nationalism and beat other people over the head with it, Unlike say our American cousins Aussie's know this is a great place and we don't feel the need to force the fact onto everybody chest thumping here..hehehe. Aussies are generally a fairly esay going lot and if you get to big for your boots you are very smartly bruoght back down to earth.
Waltzing Matilda
This is Australia's unofficial national anthem and just to prove how larconically obtuse we are most Aussies WOULD be able to sing this song word for word. If you ever hear this being sung with great gusto overseas anywhere you can bet that somewhere in the mob is an Aussie. There is something in the Aussie character that says if there is an official something there must be an unofficial something and that is the one to go with. This outlook was always viewed with great distain by the British when like America, Austraia was an infant colony. .
So as I said in the opening header,if you have just floated in on the breeze and you are looking for a place to put your feet up for a while, that's okay. Make yourself a cuppa, kick back and see if there is anything that may be of interest, you may come to love this beautiful land as we do. Don't forget now, please sign the guestbook.
North Queensland Rain Forest
Ullaru otherwise known as The Rock
The Sound you can hear is the natural sound of the Australian bush overlayed by hum of the Aboriginal didgeredoo, which is simply the hollowed out branch of a tree and blown similar to blowing a trumpet.
The Blue Mountains
The beaut Aussie bush not only has some of the most spectacular scenery unlike anywhere else in the world but also the most unique wild life to be seen anywhere on this planet, as the words of our national athem proudly proclaim " beauty rich and rare". The oceans around this beautiful land also contain some of the worlds most fabulous coral reefs one of which,The Great Barrier Reef situated just a short boat ride from the beach on the north eastern state of Queensland has been granted world heritage status and thus is not only loved by Aussie tourists but is of particlar interest to the many visitors to this great land as well.
Dingo Kangaroo Koala

As Australia is recognised as one of the driest continents on earth its flora and fauna have evolved to take maximum advantage of their habitat. The centre of the counrty has one of the harshest climates to be found anywhere on the planet. It is here that you will find The Rock, known as Ullaru. This is Dingo country, also where you may find such reptiles as the amazing Freeneck Lizard. This little creature looks like a left over cast member from the movie Jurassic Park, Speilberg would be pleased. This little Aussie looks ferocious but in fact is not very large. When startled or threatened by predators the frill around its neck is extended, it usually remains along the sides of its body when it s relaxed, it stands on its rear legs, and makes a fearsome hissing sound. If all this show is not enough to discourage predators then uses those rear legs to scurry of to safety, leaving its tormenter wondering what the hell was that.

The Kookaburra also lives in these more temperate climes. With its trade mark call that sounds like laughter it appears to be agreeing that the Aussie bush is really an amazing place. With all these most unique animals it really is worth a visit if you ever get the opportunity. With such a zany cast who says the creator does not have a sense of humour.

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