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Pierre's Rough Guide To Aussie Slang

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she'll be Apples! everything will be okay
Arse over tit or tip fall over
get your Arse into gear someone is asking you to get moving
Arse about face something is back to front
Ankle biter young child
Ant's pants height of fashion OR high opinion of themselves
Aussie someone from Australia. an Australian
Ay ? didn't catch what someone has said, or pardon me
this Arvo this afternoon
Aggro to be aggravated, upset about something
Av-a-go-yer-mug someone is not trying hard enough(this is yelled to give them a bit of a push a long)
Anyhow mate! a saying used to change the subject when talking (usually when they bored with what you are
Apricots a man's testicles(reproductive glands)
Ace excellent
Alf stupid person
Amber fluid beer
Apple eaters someone who lives in the state of Tasmania (apple growing state)
Arvo afternoon
Awning over the toy shop male beer belly
Agots man's testicles
AV jennings marriage meaning your first marriage (AV Jennings,a company specializing in building houses for
young marrieds)
Aerial ping pong Australian rules football
All the go something is fashionable, popular
that place is an Arm pit it stinks, it's terrible
Barbie or B.B.Q barbecue cooking outdoors
going Bananas someone going crazy with anger
Banana bender a resident of the state of Queensland, No We Don't Spend Our Time Bending Bananas.
(Queensland is the Banana growing state)
Basket case someone on the edge of mental collapse
Better half your wife or husband
Bloke Australian male
true Blue something that is really Australian
having a Blue having a fight or argument
that's Bang on it's hit the target right in the middle, OR it's right, or correct
give it a Bash you will try something you are not sure of
you're Battler you work hard to earn a living
mow the Brigalo suckers shave the beard
Blowing your dough spending all your money
you're a Bow wow you are really ugly
what is this? Bush week? a way of you telling someone something is false
Bull dust a lie
Brekky first meal of the day
you little Beauty, that's Beaut excited approval, something has gone really well
Big note yourself to say you are better or more important than you are
Bottoms up drinking the whole glass of something all at once (usually beer)
your old Bag, the old Bag a term for a woman, usually the wife, the mother inlaw, or such
Bagged someone critised or put someone down
a terrible Balls up terrible mistake, every things gone all wrong
the Back of Beyond far out bush as you can get, right out outback of Australia
past the Black stump the same as back of beyond
Blow through leave in a hurry
Blow in stranger in town
Bloody oath I do "yes" you really, really do approve of what someone is saying
Bob's your uncle the result is obvious
hit in the Breadbasket hit in the stomach
put the billy on putting water on to boil to make a cup of tea
he bolted he left very quickly
over with Bar flies you go over to talk to the patrons who drink and talk in the bar of a hotel from opening to
closing time
Bonzer there mate! that's great friend
Boomer kangaroo
Booze, Boozer alcohol, pub or hotel OR a person who is a heavy drinker
got no Brass you have no money
Blue Heeler a police officer
Barrack to spur your team or sport on
Billabong a waterhole
Blowies blow flies
Buckley's chance no chance at all(Buckleys & nunn)
off to the Bog to leave an offering off to the toilet
Banged up pregnant
Beak your nose
give someone a Bell ring them on the phone
Blimey you are surprised by something
you little Bottler delight, something has gone the way you want
ya bloods worth Bottling! you make this statement when someone has done you a favour
go for a Bo-peep a peep, a look at something
Bunghole your mouth
Bum your bottom or someone down on their luck and living on the street
give it a "Butchers" you will look into it (rhymes with butcher's hook)
Built like a brick shit house you are saying something or someone is of very strong construction
old Batalax or Battle-Axe wife OR mother-inlaw
not a Brass razoo free, no cost
he's a Broken packet of biscuits his life looks good on the outside, but he's a mess on the inside
choke a Brown dog OR kick a Brown dog you are going to relieve your tension. (figuratively, NO you don't
actually harm a brown dog)
going to have a Bex you are going to relieve your stress(figuratively, not really taking a Bex which is a drug)
usually a cup of tea, a cry and a good lie down
Bugalugs a freindly term of endearment
Beating around the bush not getting to the point on a subject
Bluey a nickname for someone with red hair
gidday you old Bastard a term of endearment
Back of Bourke the middle of nowhere
Bail out you leave
Bail up hold up OR rob OR earbash
have a Barney fight or scuffle OR argument or tiff
Bathers swimming costume (VIC. & SA)
Belt up! you are asked stop talking ,be quite, in a angry way
Block your head
do your Block you are angry or loose your temper
go to the Block go to your vacant piece of land
Booze bus Police van used for randon breath testing for alcohol
have a feed of Bug (Moreton Bay Bug) small crab
Bullamanka imaginary place in the far outback of Australia, the same meaning as Timbucktoo
Bunyip mythical spirit creature from outback
give it a Burl give something a try, that you have not done before
Bushbash go off road in a vehicle, forcing your way through untouched bush
it's BYO bring your own(alcohol to a restaurant, OR meat to a barbecue)
Billy cart a go-kart of childs construction
not doing Bugger all you doing absolutely nothing
Bush telegraph the town gossip network
Bludger someone who fails to do anything at all(lazy)
Bludge to do nothing at all
what a Bummer you're been let down by something
Boogie Board half-sized surf board
ugly as a box of Blowflies that's real ugly
Brown-eye to show ones bottom, mooning
Bung to put (bung another snag on the barbie mate!)
Bickie a dollar
Beanie ski hat
going Berko gone mad or looks like going mad
it's a Bomb it's cool or it's an old car
Bindie-eye a grassy nettle
go to Buggery tell someone to leave or not to interfere in a very nasty way
Biscuit cookie
on the Blower on the telephone
Bugger me dead! a statement made when you're extremely shocked at something
Bugger off? they are telling you to go, in not very nice way
Brumby wild horse
Bum nuts hens eggs
doing your Block you are getting very angry, loosing your head
town Bike Woman of loose morals, sleeps around
Bush pig an un-attractive woman
I'm Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest you're very busy
Burr up get angry
a Bruce a man
my Bad my mistake
Back hander a bribe or a hit with the back of the hand
out in the Back Blocks beyond suburbia and the more established farm and cattle properties
Belly flop diving incorrecty into water with the stomach breaking the water
to put the Bite on someone to ask them for money
Blind Freddy could see that what someone would say to you, if you are not understanding something they
think is obvious
Beaten by a blow shearer slang, running shears from one end of sheep to the other
Bundy Bundaberg rum
Brickies cleavage top of the buttocks exposed
Bolt erect penis
Bullshit! said when someone makes an incorrect statement
Boofhead friendly term to greeting
Blotto someone in a drunk state
Bite your Bum go away or be quiet
Butcher 285ml beer in South Australia
going like a Blue ass fly going very fast
better then a poke in the eye with a Blunt stick something is better than nothing
Bog a term for a toilet
Chippie carpenter
Chook a chicken, rooster or hen
it's Chock a block or Chocker's full to the point you can fill no more or crowded to over flowing
Chinnwag having a good chat
someone Carked it someone died
it's Cactus It's dead or broken
Can it tell someone to stop it or shut up
you Choof off You tell them go now
Cheerio saying goodbye
something is a Cock up its gone all wrong
Cock and bull something is a lie (cock and bull story)
Codswallop cods-swal-lop a lot nonsense or a lie
Croweater someone who lives in the state of South Australia, the states outback has a lot of crows
Cockroachsomeone who lives in the state of new south wales, I don't the reason why
Creamed someone or something beaten by a huge margin
go and have a Cuppa have cup of tea or coffee
give someone a bit of Curry give someone a hard time of it
off to the Crapper you're off to the tiolet
that's a load of old Crap a statement made when you know something is a lie
Cripes !! statement of surprise
stop the Crap! stop what you are doing or saying, its not right
you will be waiting till the Cows come home you be waiting all day
Clod hoppers your feet
I'll go and have a Captain Cook you'll go and have a look at something
Chew the fat have a good talk together
put on your Cossie put on your clothing
Cockie farmer
a Cockie a cockroach
ga day Cobber welcome close friend
got no Coin got no money
Chunder vomit
get them to Come across try to get someone over to your way of thinking
Cakehole your mouth
Clanger someone's telling a real big lie OR a shock
Crikey !a statement of surprise at something
Cunning as a shithouse rat someone is very cunning and under handed
may your Chooks turn into emus and kick your shithouse down statement you can make when you're
not very happy with what someone has done to you
Corroboree aboriginal festival dance
Cruddy something of low quality
Curly nickname for a bald person
Camp oven Large cast iron pot with a lid, for cooking on a open fire
Clobber Clothes
Chuck throw something OR vomit
Compo Compensation (Worker's Compensation)
Cooee call for greeting someone at a distance in the bush
Cozzie swimming costume (NSW)
Crook ill OR something that is not functioning
Cut lunch sandwiches
Chalkie teacher
Crack onto to make a pass at/chat up
Cop it sweet to get what's coming to you, without trying to get back at them
Cow-tow bow and scrape to someone
Carpetbagger steak beef stuffed with oysters
Claytons something of questionable integrity, a fake
Conk to hit someone
Cleanskin unbranded cattle OR not a criminal
to make a Crust to earn a living, work for wages
you're a Candy you're sweet
not worth a Crumpet something is worthless
you'll need to take a Cut lunch where you going is a long way
Cheese & kisses the missus, your wife
Crockery teeth
Cherio cocktail sausage
Catch me fuck me Rugby League football
Cod's male testicles
Clocked someone you're hit someone
mad as a Cut snake someone very upset who could do anything
Coldie a cold beer
feeling Crook not feeling well
Call it a day to finish what you have been doing for the day
Cheeky someone who is having fun with you and teasing you in a fun way
Cooee someone calling out so that the voice will travel over a distance
things are Crook in musselbrook things are not going to well for you, not going right
Cackyhander left handed person
Cushie to have it easy
Couch potato person watching to much TV and doing nothing else
another nail in the Coffin something helping to finish something off
Christmas grip someone has hold of your testicles
Cobber good friend
China old friend
going to the Can going to the tiolet
Can it be quiet or stop it
Cupper-nuser have another cup of tea
Chrissie Christmas

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