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Aussie Odyssey

Aussie Odyssey

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The closer you get to the coasts of Australia, especially along the Eastern half, you will find the climate more temperate. It is here that you will find rainforests and its inhabitants. Inhabitants such as the Platypus, another amazing creature, which looks like it has been composed of left over parts from the good Lords workshop. The Platypus is a river dweller. It has the bill of a duck, the body and tail of a beaver,webbed feet and lays eggs to bare its young. The Platypus lives in burrows on the river bank. Its main source of food is worms and snails from the river bed. However to many predators shagrin it has poisonous spines on its rear legs. So this timid little creature can well and truly defend itself when attacked.


The Kookaburra also lives in these more temperate climes. With its trade mark call that sounds like laughter it appears to be agreeing that the Aussie bush is really an amazing place. With all these most unique animals it really is worth a visit if you ever get the opportunity. With such a zany cast who says the creator does not have a sense of humour.

Fairy Penguin

Now imagine a whole tribe of these little blokes marching up a beach and you have one of the best known tourist attractions in the state of Victoria, Australia. They have burrows dug into the cliff face to raise their young each day they head off to work..sorry fishing to get enough food to feed their young and return at sunset. At this time people gather from all over the world to marvel at one of natures natural wonders.


Finally perhaps the cutest little bloke in the Aussie bush, the Koala, and just to set the records straight he is NOT a bear as many overseas visitors think. He lives mainly in wooded areas of Australia and not only that the Koala prefers a particular type of gum. As man expands his habitat he often brings trouble for this little battler, not only does man mean the loss of the Koala's habitat by knocking down his home and food source but man also brings predators such as dogs and cats. So for this little bloke to thrive and be enjoyed a lot more thought has to go into who lives where and what damage is done to the environment.

Take a glimpse at some of the beautiful scenery that these creatures call home.

A Little Lesson In Oz Speak.

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