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Aussie Odyssey

Aussie Odyssey

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As Australia is recognised as one of the driest continents on earth its flora and fauna have evolved to take maximum advantage of their habitat. The centre of the counrty has one of the harshest climates to be found anywhere on the planet. It is here that you will find The Rock, known as Ullaru. This is Dingo country. The Dingo is Australia's only native dog, it is believed that this beautiful animal arrived with Aboriginal man approx 40,000 years ago. The Dingo has a well deserved reputation as a surviver and a cunning hunter.

Frillneck Lizard

This is also where you may find such reptiles as the amazing Frillneck Lizard. This little creature looks like a left over cast member from the movie Jurassic Park, Speilberg would be pleased. This little Aussie looks ferocious but in fact is not very large. When startled or threatened by predators the frill around its neck is extended, it usually remains along the sides of its body when it s relaxed, it stands on its rear legs, and makes a fearsome hissing sound. If all this show is not enough to discourage predators then uses those rear legs to scurry of to safety, leaving its tormenter wondering what the hell was that.
Now here is the animal most associated with Australia, the Kangaroo. This bloke is not here to be muc ked around with. The Kangaroo has adapted so well to Australian conditions, from rainforest to deserts that in some parts of Australia he is considered a pest. The Kangaroo comes in many shapes and sizes from over six feet tall to no larger then your hand and as I say he can look after himself. The tail acts as a rudder as he surgically cuts down his attacker with both rear legs each foot has a claw that can seriously damage any aggressor from man to his pets.

Take a glimpse at some of the beautiful scenery that these creatures call home.

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