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Aussie Odyssey

Aussie Odyssey

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North Queensland Rain Forest
Ullaru otherwise known as The Rock
The Sound you can hear is the natural sound of the Australian bush overlayed by hum of the Aboriginal didgeredoo, which is simply the hollowed out branch of a tree and blown similar to blowing a trumpet.
The Blue Mountains
The beaut Aussie bush not only has some of the most spectacular scenery unlike anywhere else in the world but also the most unique wild life to be seen anywhere on this planet, as the words of our national athem proudly proclaim " beauty rich and rare". The oceans around this beautiful land also contain some of the worlds most fabulous coral reefs one of which,The Great Barrier Reef situated just a short boat ride from the beach on the north eastern state of Queensland has been granted world heritage status and thus is not only loved by Aussie tourists but is of particular interest to the many visitors to this great land as well. Should you want another perspective of Australia try Aussie By Night.
or maybe the harbour city.

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