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A Little About Myself
        A Little About Myself        

This is a first attempt at something like the look of surprise on your face doesn't already register the fact. I am a "wheelie", but as you can guess by the opening piece of fine art, the brain is not so constrained. First a little about myself, I am forty something, Marriage ??..yes been there done that, Carelessly I have misplaced the light of my life but we are still friends and I care very much about the memories we share, can't seem to get the hang of this marriage thing. Family??..yes, and I am lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters and yes even two grandsons & a granddaughter who are just the greatest little blokes...Ah...immortality at last..hehehe.

As you can probably guess by the art work, at the top of this page,I have more than just a passing interest in the female form, the good Lord deserves any plaudits due for such superior design work carried out in perfecting the most alluring, functional visions ever produced. No wonder he needed a rest whence he made an end.

I find fast cars, especially Fords..go Falcons! more than interesting and eagerly look forward to " The Grand Final " of Australian touring car racing, the Bathurst 1000, although since the change of sponsors it is really the Bathurst 1000 that holds the most interest because it is this race that has taken over the battle of the V8's. I love to watch cricket, and follow Aussie rules football. Being a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force I have an interest in things aeronautical.

I am a self confessed current affairs, news junkie, I also find world history, where we have come from and the steps it took to get this world into the mess we have it in at point fascinating, to this end genealgy and how my family got to where it is today from my Irish forebears is also an interest. Just to balance that out I am a bit of a Star Trek fan or should I say Deep Space nine, hence the little link at the bottom of this page.

My sense of humour verges on the deep and I have a pretty fatalistic point of view on most things, in the sense that, if things are the way they with is the way things have unfolded and there is nothing you can do about the past to change what is coming in the future, the trick is to make the most of the cards you are dealt in life and move on, here endeth the lesson..hehehe.

I am from a large family, the eldeset of nine children, yes dear ol' mum and dad had a good time, good catholics no T.V., Oh! am I going to pay for that little comment. Fortunately we are still a close knit little bunch and all pitch in to help one another to make life as enjoyable as it should be.

I live in a city called Orange,in the central west of a state called New South Wales. Australia. Only Gods own country. It is a very nice place, cold in winter, it snows here, although not as much as it used to and I am not amused by the cold, however to compensate the summers are beautiful and hot. If you are from OS..{Aussie slang for overseas} You should make it a point to visit our fair city.

You will find the people very friendly

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