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Pierre's Portrayal

Pierre's Portrayal

Hi and welcome to my web page. It is not static it changes from time to time. Feel free to travel around make yourself at home. If you are from OS welcome to OZ..
If you like what you see, I would like some feedback, I would also like to have as many people vist as possible, so tell your friends about this page and don't forget to sign my guestbook at the bottom, just so I'll know you have visited. If you would like to make contact, just click on the friendly little kangaroo at the bottom of the page and your mail will be delivered quickly by roo mail. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
I am also on I.C.Q. My number is 1085296. So maybe you just feel the need to have a chat to someone, don't be shy, give us a call. I have a dry sense of humour once you get to know me and a broad mind so nothing much will shock me. If you do I always have the off button...hehehe.. .
If you have just floated in on the breeze and you are looking for a place to put your feet up for a while, that's cool. Make yourself a cuppa, kick back and see if anything may be of interest. Don't forget now, please sign the guestbook.

G'day Mate

Don't go yet..there's still more!!!

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N.B. If I have pinched something that I shouldn't have, just drop us an email we can discuss the problem and decide where we go from here.