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Blue Eyes
        Dammit Janet !!        

They say that you never appreciate someone until they are gone and in my case that is the honest truth
I will never be able to replace, you with the sparkling blue eyes.

Blue Eyes,

As time drifts from hours to days
and the days drag into years,
it gets harder and harder
to hold back the tears.

Since your been gone
not a minute goes by
that your beautiful face
is not in my minds eye.

The house is so empty
no longer a home,
my heart feels the pain
of something that is lost.

If I could have only one wish
it would surely be
this ache would be over
and you would come back to me,

After all we're that we've been
through over so many years,
the thought that I've have lost you,
makes my heart fill with tears.

I want you, I need you,
I love you so much,
just to be near you
and feel your tender touch.

Please come on back,
you hold all my sunshine,
just to kiss your sweet lips
and hold your gentle hand in mine.


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