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W elcome to the Christian Entertainment Web Ring home page.

T he purpose of this ring is to provide people with a way of finding sites on the net that contain humor, or any sort of light hearted entertainment, these site's being owned and run by Christians, and having some Christian content on them.

M embers, click here to go and edit your site info.

B efore you join :-

  T here are only three things I ask off people who join this web ring, they are :-

1.)T hat you are a Christian and that fact is obvious in your page

2.)T hat the page has some sort of "light hearted" content, it may have some "heavier" things aswell, though.
3.)Y our site does not contradict the bible, and does not bash other people.

ther than that, there are no particluar requirments for a site to enter this ring, so please, if you feel that your site fulfills these three basic citeria, then please go ahead and submit it.

To Join the Ring

One-Fill in the form below
Two-Download the Christian Entertainment graphic.
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Three-Wait for the E-mail to arrive with the webring code on it.
Four-Upload the graphic to your website, and paste the html onto the appropriate page.
Five-E-mail me to tell me you've done so, I will then add your site to the ring.

S ubmit a site to the Christian Entertainment Web Ring
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M embers :-

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