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This photo was taken in
Gothenburg's Marine Museum.
Itīs the Swedish submarine
"Nordkaparen", that was built in 1962.

Even to this day it is capable
of laying out to sea for operations
In deep water.

This is the Swedish submarine class
"Gotland" , which is the latest
model in the Swedish Navy.
It is the world's first
series-manufactured sub
equipped with an AIP
(air independent-propulsion),
which enable the sub to stay
submerged for a longer time.

The Gotland class has a lenght
of 60,4 m and a crew of 28.

(You can see more pictures of it below.)

A submarine that was designed
and built by the Germans. The ship
was called CV-707 after its shipyard
order number and it was launched on
May 10, 1933.

It is more or less a prototype of
the German IIA class.

The Finnish government took over
the ship 1934 where it was named

Nowadays you can find it in Soumenlinna
where it has been open to the public
since 1973.

The "U3" was launched in 1943 with
the lenght of 49,6 m.

It was built by the Swedish company
"Kockums" which still design and build

Photos I took during the
"Swedish Navy Open House"
in Berga, August 1997.

Submarines are my greatest obsession,
don't ask me why...
So if you have any information about them
don't hesitate to mail me


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