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So, you wanna know the point system on bows, eh?
Well, I wasn't much of a bowman, myself, but I know a thing or two about 'em.

So, now you're asking, what's the difference? Well, there's heated debate over which of these methods should be used. We'll cover the first one, the monetary value of the bow when you appraise it.

In theory, this method works thusly; A person does an APPRAISE LONGBOW, and takes the value of the longbow and divides by 100. The result is the point of the longbow.

The cons, on the otherhand are;

The other method, the one I use most, is done as follows; You take the person's skill rank in Longbow, or Shortbow (Whichever is being made) and divide by 10, the result is the point of the bow.
Okay, here's the pros';

The cons, and there are a bunch;

How to make sense of it all? Simple, you just use both, if you can. For example, a person makes a Shortbow who has a shortbow skill of 100. They do a decent job of it, and it comes out perfect. Someone with a decent appraisal skill appraises the shortbow, and is 'Certain' that it's worth 1600 gold pieces. Now, according to the first system, it's a 16 point bow. According to the second system, it's a 10 pointer. Why fight it? Just call it a 10/16 point shortbow. You might get a few questions, but be patient, most people know what I am talking about.

Tired of all this bow talk?

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Now that you know about the points of your bow, here's something that you can do with it.
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