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Gothgirl’s Web of Gothic Darkness

Please click above to go to my webzine, which is my sideproject from Sideline Magazine and Gothic Beauty. This is now where all interviews/review are done. Hope you enjoy the past interviews still posted on my page here. It is because of this page I have expanded to create Grave Concerns E-ZINE!!

As of July 2003, Grave Concerns E-zine now has its own domain name and new site design. Go to

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YOU HAVE NOW ENTERED THE DARKNESS!! This page contains information about Gothic & Industrial Music yes... I like Industrial just as much.
Please check out all my interviews, and I have continued my interviews with my very own E-zine Grave Concerns Sideline Magazine and as of May 2002 Gothic Beauty Magazine!!
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Get to many band webpages by going to the Links frame or at the Interview frame of the bands featured. They are very cool.. more music reviews/interviews in my webzine in 2002 and bedind is looking pretty good. Also, I am not a vampire, witch or Satanist, just a goth/industrial/electro/ fan!!! who likes to help bands and you. I respect everyones beliefs, and won't look down on you or your personal lifestyle.

May 2002

Mick Mercer's 4th book on Goth, '21st Century Goth', comes out on May 1st. This is his fourth book about Goth, and easily the biggest, and the best, being 276 pages, with 174 photos, including 20 *stunning* full-page photos. This book concentrates on what is on the Net that is Goth-related, and breaks it down into sections - but not into geographical boundaries like his last book.

Here is what Mick Mercer had to say about this site:

5,517 sites are reviewed or listed within the sections. The contents are as follows:

Bands (960 reviewed - 982 listed/categorised), Clothes/Goth-related Businesses (371 r - 34 c), Clubs (159 - 60) Goth People (709 - 404), Goth sites (285 - 108), Locations (241 - 124), Resources (44 - 47), Zines (192 - 27), Webrings (47 - 76), Visual Rock (33 - 31), Sites Of Interest - which contains much weird material (417 - 166).

If anyone has a site, or belongs to mailing lists, please circulate this info if you can. If this book does well I can do one every year/18 months. and if you can manage a link to my odd little site I'd appreciate it!

Obviously I am contacting sites I have reviewed or listed in the book.

GOTHGIRL'S GOTHIC/INDUSTRIAL MUSIC Whoa, this is a big site filled with Goth and Ind stuff from a girl who is obsessed with that and writes for Black Monday and Sideline. There's features and reviews, but she also dabbles with Horror/Vamps etc. Masses to plough through.

This site made it into the Book! Also check out the review of Grave Concerns by Mick Mercer at the Grave Concerns website.

HEDWIG & the Angry Inch
Hedwig & the Angry was a great movie that you may of missed during the summer of 2001. It played in select cities, one being NYC where I saw it. The Soundtrack is great, pick it up in your local record store. E-mail if you saw this movie and want to talk about it.
Apenas cuando usted pensaba que estaba seguro....
Entra a la oscuridad otra vez....
La pagina de la oscuridad parte 2 de Gothgirl...

Hola, como estas? Me llamo Gothgirl. Yo quiero toda gente saber sobre la musica gotica. Hay mucha gente que vieneron a mi pagina de lugares diferentes. Yo quiero toda gente venir mis paginas. Esto servico fue posible porque este parte de mi pagina es parte de un proyecto.

The current Midi files are , NIN-Something I can never have,closer, The Cure, New Order-Blue Monday, DEPECHE MODE, RAMMSTEIN-Engel, (Moody,-Uknown Anger), Sister's of Mercy- ALICE- Techno X-files Theme, Gary Numan-Cars/ Are friends Electric

In memory of my favorite actor Brandon Lee of The Crow

You're just jealous because the voices talk to me...Blood is the life, the life is forever....

Let Me Light The Way Into The Darkness......

Here are a few neat Gothic and or Industrial things you will find on this Gothic/Industrial website.

WATCH VIDEOS , LISTEN TO MP3's sorry very out dated

Search the web from this website. Go to the links frame to find out how.

Hear some cool goth midi music, go to every frame to hear a different song

Chat with others on my Gothic IRC chat box, and leave a message on the board.

READ MY INTERVIEWS WITH A GOTH BANDS & Industrial and follow the link to my e-zine with more great stuff!.

Maybe Find the Truth Here ?

Want to trade tapes? Go to my cd collection to find out how. Write for more selections, as many more not mentioned on page.

Why I made this Page (born Sept 1997 -200?)

Hi, my name is Julie, some call me "Gothgirl". I started making this page as a way for me to relax and get all my stress out of my system to make be happy. One reason I decided to make this page because I was sick and tired of people asking why I dress and black sometimes and what goth music is all about. So now I tell them just visit my webpage. I still tell them bits and pieces about it. I also am making this page for other goths to enjoy and maybe learn a few new things about gothic and industrial music. Those were my main reasons for making this page. Making this page has been fun and exciting for me. I have learned a lot from making this page, and I have met a lot of people who have contacted me, so for that I must thank you all. Please come back again because this page is always changing. Tell all your gothic or non-goth friends to check it about. Maybe the goth scene will pick up a few more listeners along the way. Thank you again for coming. I can't believe where I am today, because of this page. I have been very successful, here and at my webzine, the magazines I write for such as Sideline Magazine and Gothic Beauty.

Check Gothgirl's Grave Concerns E-zine of latest news and interviews Grave Concerns- My webzine

For A gothic/industrial band that is worthy of your money to buy their CD and to check out please visit the link below.


Last written update August 1, 2003 Thanks for coming to this site. You make it all possible.I love reading your guestbook entrys.I do read them!! Please don't forget to e-mail me too, since I might not get back to your from the guestbook so soon.E -mail is much easier if you really want to hear from me personally.I love reading all your mails, and thanks for contacting me on ICQ or AOL IM. Grave Concerns E-zine is doing grea. In July 2003 we added new staff members, and got a whole new site desgin. I am currently interviewing The Fair Sex for Sideline, and Razed in Black for Gothic Beauty.

Please take a listen at - because that is my band! Our latest CD Fuse was released in April 2002.

Also, visit my journal at to see what I am currently up to, and add me to your friends list if you want. Thanks, gracias- Gothgirl

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Some People I want to thank for the success of this Goth page that I have not forgotten about.

To all the bands that have participated on this page, and have kept with me other the years, and support my work now at Grave Concerns. It is because of all of you who belived in this page. Thanks to the whole gothic and industrial genre to let me do this!

THANK YOU GOTH FANS, and supporters of this site.

Blackcat from Canada, thanks for this idea for the webpage back in 98. I wonder where you are today?

The End/ Adios/ El fin

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