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Barry Jackson emailed me his GEMINIS', and Click HERE to see how cool they are!!!!!.

RB Gemini website!!!

Some Chevette examples!!! CLICK HERE.

Some Australian examples!!! CLICK HERE.

Australian Geminis ( an example of each model!! ).

Paulo's page, Brazillian Gems!!!!

Paulo's page, Brazillian Gems!!!!

AJ's page , Brazillian also.

Yet another Brazillian page!!!

some Chevette info.

A Japanese page with links.

Andrew Moons' 6 cylinder gemini!!!

William Gills' Gemini page (aus) I DAMN NEAR CRIED!

Qld Gemini racing association. (aus)

Joe Lipsons' Gemini stuff.

Buttheads Gmini page. ( aus)

Bills Isuzuperformance ( us )

Even more Brazillian Chevette info.!!

American Chevette.

Ice Racing in Foreign Gems!!

Some more links.

Ever heard of an Isuzu Wasp?

NEW!!! Go to see TRAVIS MANNS' gemini page! .

NEW!!! Go to see TRAVIS MANNS' main page. Lots of v8 KICKERS here!!

Teds' Page. (aus)

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