This cream 75 tx sedan and t8 td van belonged to my mate Mick.

This green TX coupe was mine.

This green TE Sedan was my quick 1800cc baby.

This cream van was my baby too!

This was my brothers immaculate, 69 Isuzu Florian deluxe sedan, the Florian was a fanastic car, but people say it is funny looking, but in 1969 it had features that many larger more expensive cars missed out on. The florian deluxe came with a 1600cc pushrod engine ( same as Bellett ) which had a NIKKI dual throat carburettor, and was capable of 99 mph!!! faster than most 6 cylinders at that time, while returning around 29-30 miles per gallon. The Florian also came standard with 4 speed floor shift, tachometer, clock, multi-speed fan heater, open / close vents, light in the ashtray, bucket seats, front power assited disk brakes etc, it was truly one of the greatest cars of its time, but due to the success of the datsun 1600 ( a good car, but nowhere near as good as the florian ) it did not sell, I have only ever seen 4 florians in my 25 years!

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