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Mera 491's Space Cases Fanfic Galore!!

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This page was last updated on February 18, 2001!

Lord, it's been a long time since my last update. A "guest" who was staying with my family was hogging the computer (she's been here since late August) and she just left - Thank god! I'm back! Check out my Eclypse site!

Well, obviously I didn't do much writing this summer... In fact, I didn't do much of anything. I'm spending a nice, lazy summer. It's fun. But I just finished reading Tracey Rich's new fanfic (which I think she just added today) and I have a message for her - okay, okay, I get the picture! I'll write more! And so should the rest of you! Go read her story!! You'll see! And nobody has emailed me about keeping Mera alive or not... What should I do?! Come on, people!

Okay, I've gotten a few emails about this, so I've reached a descision - I'm thinking of finding a way to make it so that Mera WILL live in the future... Some people were very disappointed when they found out that she won't. So! I'm asking for your help, Casers! Email me and tell me how you feel! Tell me whether or not I should keep Mera alive, and how I should do this!

I've been nominated!

I feel so proud! I'm updating What's Wrong... Finally! I'm sorry it took me SO long!

I added a totally new page!

And here's

Space Cases Fanfic!

My *NSYNC page!

Hey! If you want to know what I'm like, click here.

Check out MY new Space Cases Characters.

Has everyone deserted their Space Cases Pages? Nobody ever updates anymore! Come on, people, what's wrong with you guys?!

Look! Radu and I adopted an egg from Peripantha's page! His name is Andur!

Dudes, check this out! It's Fu-Man Skeeto, Chris Kirkpatrick's clothing line!

Hey! Check out this site that Kiva and I are co-creating! It's Space Cases: The Next Generation! The characters are a little different from my characters in my fanfic, but they were created out of those characters.

This page is dedicated to my boyfriend, Andrew.

More Space Cases stuff!

Radu386's Space Cases page This page is really special to me....for a really special reason..... 8^)
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