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So, you want to know what it is like to have an panic attack. Well first of all this is not ment for people to actualy do, its ment to show symptoms that a "normal" person could relate to. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!

For starters, people having a panic attack truely believe that wheat they are feel is real, for example, a person thinking he or she is going do realy believes that. To make you feel this way, imagen your doctor telling you have an horrable disease that they can not treat and you are going to die, very soon, and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.

Then theres the chest pains, to feel that, go to health club and find the strongest person there, and have them punch you in the chest as hard as he or she can. Remember that all these things are happening at once. Then there is the shortness of breath, for that take a very thin straw, place it in you mouth, plug your nose and run up 5 flights of stairs, only breathing through this straw. Then comes the sweating and or chills, for that go to a sauna for 5 minets and then jump into a refrigerator and do this repeatidly. Once again rember, these things are all happening at once. You are convinced you are going to die, you chest hurts, you are having hot/cold flashes, you are having a hard time breathing. Now comes the worst part. Have your family and friends tell you to just relax, its all in your head and they think you going crazy, mabey one person is even making fun of you.

But after all that you still arn't done yet, another comes along and another and they keep coming faster and even more powerful than the others