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Mistaken Traditional Assumptions and Your Legitimate Rights

1. It is selfish to put your needs before others' needs.

You have the right to put yourself first sometimes.

2. It is shameful to make mistakes. You should have an appropoate reason for every occasion.

You have the right to make mistakes

3.If you can't convince others that your feelings are resonable, then they must be wrong, or maby you are going crazy.

You have the right to be the final jude of your feelingsand accept them as legitimate.

4. You should repesct the views of others, especially if they are in a position of athority. Keep your diffrences of opinion to your self. Listen and learn.

You have the right to have your own opinions and convictions.

5. You should always try to be logical and consistent.

You have a right to change your mind or decide on a diffrent course of action

6. You should be flexable and adjust. Others have good reasons for there actions and it's not polite to question them.

You ahve a right to protest unfair treatment or criticism

7. You should never interrupt people. Asking questions reveals your stoupidits to others.

You have a right to interrupt in order to ask for clarification.

8. Things could get even worse, don t rock the boat.

You have a right to negotiate for change.

9. You shouldn't take up others valuable time with your problems.

You have a right to ask for help or emotional support.

10. People don't want to hear that you feel bad, so keep it to yourself.

You have a right to feel and express pain.

11. When someone takes the time to give you advice, you should take it very seriously. They are often right.

You have the right to ignore the advice of others.

12. Knowing that you did something well is its own reward. People don't like show-offs. Successful people are secretly dislikeda and envied. Be modest when complimented.

You have a right to recieve formal recognition for your work and achievements.

13. You should always try to accommodate others. if you don't, they won't be there when you need them.

You have a right to say "no"

14. Don't be anti-social. People are going to think you don't like them if you say you'd rather be alone instead of with them.

You have a right to be along, even if others would prefer your company.

15. You should always have a good reason for what you feel and do.

You have a right not to have to justify yourself to others

16. When someone is in trouble, you should help them.

You have a right not to take responsibility for someone els's problem.

17. You should be sensitive to the needs and wiched of others, even when they are unable to tell you what you want.

You have a right not to have to anticipate others' needs and wishes.

18. Its always a good policy to stay on peoples good side.

You have a right not to always worry about the goodwill of others

19. Its not nice to put people off. If questioned, give an answer.

You have a right to chose not to resond to a situation.