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Hello, and welcome to the members page. If you are reading this than you are probably a member, if not click here to join.

What I'm starting is a pen pals area. A place for people who are interested can leave there name and oq number and a discription of what there illness and intrest is and people who have the same illness and intrest can exchange icq numbers. If you are interested, just send me e-mail with your name, icq number, illness and intrest and I will post it.

Thank you

Memebers who want to talk

My name is Kathy. My icq number is 32629916. I've been a suffer of panic for about 6 yrs. And also have a form of paranoid one. I take serequel, zoloft, and buspar . I'm 34 yrs and a female who's happily engaged. As long as I take my meds. lol