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My Mainly ASB Pictures
My Pictures

These are *my* pictures that I have taken at horse shows, equine events, and just anywhere, for fun or 'for work' {I have worked for three nationally known equine publications}. So, enjoy my stills of life, and please drop me a note with comments or questions! Thanks for looking!

Scenes From Kentucky

These are pictures of the Mary Gaylord Bronze by artist Gwen Reardon that is right across the street from the Shelby County Fairgrounds. Mary is on Santana's Lass. Having never been in Shelbyville, Ky. I just happened to drive upon this and pulled over in a church lot to take the pictures. An incredible peice of work.. The artist "...did the art that was used for years to advertise L'ville. It was caled "The Mares" and had several heads of famous mares under spotlights against a dark background." {Quote from Saddlebred artist Mary Waickman}

A very well known stallion, War Whoop II. I was tickled pink to see him in person!

Scenes From St. Louis, Missouri

These are my photos from the 2000 St. Louis Charity Show in September. I am fuzzy on names right now without looking at results..sorry!

A winning combination

Royal Carribean {Hoss} and his rider were kind enough to pose for me. This particular photo won a third place award in an online contest.

Championship ribbons go with everything, don't they?

Scenes From Columbia, Missouri

~A small memorial to you Scott Schrier. You are missed. May you partake of that great horse show in the sky.~

A few shots from the 2000 Calvary Episcipal Show {known locally as 'the Church Show'}.

Some photos from the various shows held at the Midway Expo Center

Assistant trainer of Touchstone Farms, Touchstone Farms, Christy is on one of Don Hopewell's horses.

Casey on the William Woods horse Champagne Reception

Proud owner Linda Roos with CH The Shadow Knows. Always a crowd favorite, the team have earned multiple championships.

Missouri trainer John Wallen on a gaited mare.

Ms. Boudreau on "Big Joe" winning her first academy championship.

Cristina Sloan on her equitation mount. The perfectly matched pair now show in the Park and Show Pleasure divisions.

One of my previous clients from a Morgan barn. I'm very proud of Pam and her filly.

A horse of a different.. material? Too much corn in the diet?

Scenes From Everywhere and Anywhere

The metal mural at the Americal Royal Horse Show facilities which honor the historic stockyards of Kansas City.

Love to hear from you!