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Genuine Affection

I have moved all of the horses to another barn north of Columbia, as I was tired of all of the boarders being treated in an unprofessional manner by the last barn. I won't get into details here, but I also don't recommend the barn if anyone asks me about him. So now we are focusing on the upcoming breeding season; and looking forward to futurity babies. There will likely be a very limited amount of showing this year as I am having a baby myself, but hopefully I can get to a few local ones. More info as we progress along.

We've moved to a new barn in Columbia, Mo. {Summer 2002} where we have a few other saddle seat friends which is nice. The barn is over 100 years old, and has been the home of famous Saddlebreds and reknown trainer R.P. Glenn. We are pleased to add our numbers to the ambience and history of the facility. The facility has a hay loft, an indoor arena, 160+ acres to ride on, several turnouts [one doubles as an outdoor arena], and a track around one of several ponds to ride on. It's a lovely place.
Genny has been working fine lately, and I am looking forward to taking both horses to some local shows.

Genny is seen here enjoying her turn out time at the new barn.
Genny has been working fine lately, and I am looking forward to taking both horses to some local shows.

Miss Genny and I started the 2001 show season out with a bang! We were the Show Pleasure Reserve Champion at the 74th Annual Prince of Wales Charity show in Columbia early this spring. I was so excited, I requested a victory pass photo op, as we were the last class of the show. Wow this mare was upheaded! Long lining her more often has really helped her self-carriage. I am looking forward with great anticipation to Stars N Stripes at the end of June in Wichita, Ks. I have high hopes, but will focus on showing at our best, and leave the rest to the judge. Also, soon I will have a special announcement!

~American Royal '00 Report~ Well, what can I say. In all honesty, I had this mare tuned better for the Missouri State Fair in August than I did the Royal [re: manners, attitude, and 'sharpness']. {Hindsight is 20/20!} However, she had the best motion I've ever had on her under saddle [just over level], and she was definitely presentable. We showed twice under saddle [MoKan Show Pleasure qualifier and the Amateur Show Pleasure qualifier I think], and once in the Show Pleasure Driving, 39 & Under [no MoKan classes here]. We did not get anything under saddle, but had some nice passes, and got 8th driving. [Though I need to find an elegant 'updo' for my hair driving..] I learned a lot about myself at this show, alot about who I showed with, and what I will not do in the future, and what kind of things I want to get stressed out about. Great learning experience! I did not enjoy myself at this show; although Genny did everything I asked her to [or did not ask her to do]. This is my *all time* favorite show, I was honored to be there and continue traditions; and look forward with anticipation to the 102nd American Royal! Pictures of us at the Royal will be uploaded soon!

Genny and I won our first ever [together] under saddle championship Sunday October 29th, 2000. YAY! I was so excited I was whooping and hollering in the victory pass with the biggest grin I think I've ever had on my face! Can't wait to see the pictures, and share the video with the parents. [I'll see if I can get some of it online to share too.] We were at the Janian Series show in Columbia, Mo. and I can't wait for the spring show. I pushed her too hard in front of the judges in the qualifying class and broke in front of each. In the Championship we just played it safe and won! What a great way to go off to the Royal! Thank you filly!

Miss Genny and I went to the August 2000 Show-Me Discovery show in Columbia, Mo. Day one we did alright, was third in-hand [not our best class] and was fourth in the Show Pleasure Limit Rider. Sunday was much better! We were second in the Show Pleasure Adult Rider section, and we won the blue in the MHSA Pleasure Driving class! I have never enjoyed a drive with that mare as much as I did that day! We drove like we were at home; me a growlin' and her a pickin' up those feet and trotting proudly! Still brings a smile to my face. Sure wish I had that on tape! Our next show will either be Calvary or Janian, both in October. Then we shoot for the Royal in the MoKan Show Pleasure class! Wish us luck! Come see us if you can! More updates as we progress.

Genny and I went to the UPHA Chapter V horse show this May. Although we didn't place as well as I had expected, I am happy to have gotten to our first show of the year. I am enjoying the challenge of training my own horse, and I am even more pleased to understand where we are, where we need to go, and how to get there.

I can finally announce that I have a new horse in my life. "Miss Genny", the black show pleasure mare I leased over the 99 summer, and who I cared for last winter, is welcomed with love into my home permanently! I am so happy! She has been the only other horse I could let into my heart after losing Arthur, she was with us both through it all. Right now we have no special plans, as it is winter and I beleive in 'letting the horses down.' I do hope to get her back into the show ring and in the next few years find her a proper beau.

Well, Genny and I had a great summer together! We worked hard and had good showings. I put the mare in training with Tina English-Wendt in Pleasanton, KS. to keep her fit. Our first show in June was at the Longview Horse Park, past home of the famous horsewoman, Loula Long Combs. Of course things have changed since her time, but many of the same building exist.

This show being the first time in that specific ring and my first time showing the mare under saddle, we had great rides! No, we weren't perfect, {blew a canter lead in the second class, my fault!} but we had people I did not know saying how well we were doing! I had a great time visiting with the Colonel {see Equifest 99 pages} and Tina and I fawned over this 89 year old gentleman all evening.. {My new grandpa!} And after I returned and met up with Jennifer Boxdorfer who worked for the judge {Chuck Herbert} she mentioned that he even rememberd me, and said I was in the ribbons until I blew that lead. I am amazed that I was remembered.. guess I do ride decently! :)

Genny and I then went to the July Show Me Discovery show in Columbia, Mo {see horse shows page for more info, contacts on that good show}. Tina brought her walk trot mare. Genny and I won 1 blue {first in ASB Show Pleasure Limit Rider}, 1 red {second in ASB Model}, and 2 yellows {third in MHSA English Pleasure Limit Rider, and third in ASB Show Pleasure Amateur}. And the best thing of all is that we corrected the problems we had at the Longview show- that is what counts! Oh, and Tina's mare won her class! We also met CB and Dutch there..a wonderfully enthusiastic woman, with a nice black gelding.

After Genny returned to William Woods for the summer riding program, she and I spent the month of August just trail riding and being a horse. My sister came out from California to visit and we had the best times playing with the mare. We even rode double bareback once, for riding the mare bareback became a usual thing for me. I have to say that it boosted my confidence and my balance.

So now that the summer is over and my favorite black Show Pleasure mare is back to giving lessons, I don't see her nearly as often. I do scramble to put my name by hers for the Friday Free Riding List, and lucky me, I have her today. I have let this mare into my heart, I only hope that when her time is done at the Woods, I can welcome her into my home. Er, barn..

SSSHHHH! Don't tell the hubby! I recently showed a black show pleasure mare to harness at the Missouri Horse Shows Association {MHSA} Kick-Off show this April {1999}. Genuine Affection, aka Genny, did her job well, like the steady mare she is. Our only problem in the ring was that we were outclassed. There were $40,000 horses in the ring, and I, with my donated William Woods University horse, was not bound for a ribbon that day. {She did get strung out at the extended trot, too.} However, I am now leasing Genny for the summer from the University and hope to show at Longview Horse Park in June. I'll report back on that excursion later.

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